Clandestine – “Putin’s Address: Approaching the Precipice”

Clandestine – “Putin’s Address: Approaching the Precipice”

Another of many high caliber internet journalists is “Clandestine“.  He insists on keeping his identity non-public, so you can discount his credibility accordingly if you feel that is appropriate.  But in the culture of threats and prosecution against anyone who disputes the approved narrative, using a pseudonym may be nothing more than wisdom and common sense.

In any case, Clandestine has long questioned the Ukraine/Russia narrative, and is useful in drawing attention to facts–such as the words of Putin’s speech yesterday–that the legacy media purposely ignores.

So take a look at the post below.  Among the interesting distinctions Putin makes in his speech is a focus on problematic western ‘elites’ rather than any sense of decisions made or endorsed by “Americans” as a people.  Whatever else one may think of Putin, he or his speechwriters are dead on correct in making that distinction.  But will it matter so long as western elites, and not the American people as a whole, can effectively push the buttons of US military hardware?

That’s the precipice we are approaching.

The one American leader plainly NOT a part of the ‘western elites’ –and perhaps capable of disentangling this threat of global catastrophe–is Donald Trump.

Let’s see what happens.  And pray.


Putin’s Address: Approaching the Precipice