Clarice Feldman – “Another, Clearer Take on the Derek Chauvin Trial

Clarice Feldman – “Another, Clearer Take on the Derek Chauvin Trial

Clarice Feldman is a regular, featured Sunday contributor on the American Thinker website.  Her columns offer wisdom, insight and the perspective of an informed patriot, a ‘reasonable American’.  Her latest post is on the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis (Chauvin is the police officer with the nine-minute knee on George Floyd) is: “Another, Clearer Take on the Derek Chauvin Trial“.

The point in linking to Feldman’s column here is not to enter the debate as to Chauvin’s guilt or innocence of the actual charges against him, but to highlight just how deliberately and relentlessly the media lies to the American people.  The damage being done to the fabric of American society as a direct result of deliberate media lies is as unconscionable as it is incalculable.

Large portions of multiple American cities, including many businesses, were destroyed as a direct result of the incitement of rioters by a media determined to push a narrative of out of control white supremacist police stalking and killing harmless, mostly innocent black men.

The facts and evidence in the Floyd case–which were known by authorities and could have been known by the public had the media been focused on objective truth–simply do not support the narrative.

The body’s reaction to an overdose of fentanyl is plainly a horrendous experience; no wonder the dealer who delivered the fentanyl to Floyd is refusing to testify at the trial for fear of self-incrimination.  He’s as close to an actual villain as anyone in the Floyd saga, but the media barely acknowledges his role.

Yet apparently no one in the media has even the slightest compunction to say, ‘whoa, we got some things wrong; we leapt to conclusions and led our readers/viewers to do the same; and we need to be determined and in a hurry to set the record straight”.

Officer Chauvin may yet be found by a jury of his peers to be criminally culpable in the runup to Floyd’s death, but the evidence that he acted irrationally because driven by racial animus just isn’t there.

One would think that common decency among media reporters and editors would make them want to go out of their way to explain to Americans that the images and impressions they led to at the time of the incident were in fact inaccurate and misleading, and the truth tells a better story about the condition of America and its police than was originally thought.  But no, the media is stuck on and with its narrative, and doubles down on its determination to lie and coverup the actual evidence of what took place.  Which logically leads to only one conclusion if one assumes reasonable intelligence among the media–i.e., if one assumes they know what they are doing:  they are not acting as journalists, but as promoters and propagators of an agenda.

And that’s why so many Americans are coming to view the media as the enemy of the people.