Clarity and Strength from Dr. Naomi Wolf

Clarity and Strength from Dr. Naomi Wolf

Excerpts from Dr. Naomi Wolf’s latest Substack post (reproduced below):

…the battle is not between left and right, but between those of us who remember and care about America — and the handful of oligarchs and globalist monsters, who wish to do away with our nation and our values — and our population — altogether.

Point is, we need to understand that President Biden is a traitor and that treasonous forces have hold of our nation. We need to think outside the box.

The objections that RFK Jr voters (and friends) may have to President Trump, are merely stylistic and cosmetic compared to the cost of losing the nation. And it means creating tolerance for differences, on the MAGA side. Even ‘red-hot’ issues such as abortion or green energy, important in peacetime, are trivial differences in times of war; compared to an eternity of servitude for oneself and one’s children.

More than our sense of self politically, is the importance of reflecting on how we can be service to our country. 

Dr. Wolf is awake.


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