Clay Higgins, Tony Seruga and Ghost Buses

Clay Higgins, Tony Seruga and Ghost Buses

For those who like to go deep into the weeds….

Congressman Clay Higgins today talked to FBI Director Chris Wray about ‘ghost buses’–non-descript buses allegedly used by the FBI to transport its own agents and provocateurs into the January 6th protest–which have now been identified.  Higgins warned Wray that ‘your day is coming’, which seemed a pretty clear implication that Higgins knows a lot more about the FBI’s involvement in J6 than he mentioned today.

Is a reckoning coming?

Well, listen to Higgins yourself at the link below, and then consider this tweet/X by Tony Seruga.  Truth can’t be forever suppressed.

Rep Clay Higgins in Congressional hearing today


Tony Seruga
November 15, 2023
My partners and I have been lifetime data scientists.

We own the digital ID of every mobile device/computer in the U.S. and have indexed and archived every IP address in the world.

Our extensive experience in big and deep data, including geotracking and geolocation makes our dozens of data companies the top authority for providing data to corporations, law enforcement and U.S. government agencies like the CIA, NSA, DoD, DIA, NGA, NRO, FBI, as well as Interpol and foreign intelligence organizations.

There are a number of videos documenting these ghost buses as well as a number of mostly nondescript DOJ vans that dropped off ninja wearing individuals that appear in other videos to have breached the Capitol cutting fencing, removing barricades, opening doors, and other nefarious behaviors.

We also tracked the infamous J6 ‘pipe bomber’ from one of these vans.

Later, we eventually tracked them to a Virginia Metro station where a perfect capture of their vehicle license plate was made.

The FBI has ALL of this information. Shortly after they were alerted, however, AT&T mysteriously ‘accidentally’ corrupted that and only that particular cell phone user’s data. Additionally, their mobile device was used hundreds of times before and after J6 accessing keycard required DOJ/FBI parking garages and buildings.