I get it; truly, I understand. The important part is the last element noted.

Do not give power to the dark imaginings; pray to the source of the only pure truth.  Live your best life, boldly.  Resolve yourself; lead, protect with great intensity; stand firm against all of it in any measure of your capability.


Be relentlessly affirmed in your mental resolve.  Remember, you control your thoughts and focus.

I Wish I Never Found You…

…”It was easier being in the dark. Whoever you are, man, your analysis regularly blows my mind. I’m unable to poke holes in anything you write. You make me feel smarter, but in fact I’m simply better informed. Since Rush passed, you have provided the clearest vision and I wish you had his reach.

It’s interesting to note that I’m not Christian and I see it’s a major source of your inspiration. To me, Christianity is bunk, and historically the church has been unkind to my people, to say the least. However, when those who use it as a spiritual guide to the path of righteousness, I have great respect. That’s you, Sundance. Regardless of the path, we both seek the same destination. The truth.

Every day I read your web page and more often than not, I get upset and then have to calm myself so as not to disrupt my home. Few want to know what’s really happening because it’s too painful, too unbelievable.

Because I read a tremendous amount of history books, I have too much perspective, I fear for the future, and I can’t look away. This parallels the Bolshevik/Mao Revolutions in unsettling ways. I have 20 good years left if I’m lucky, and just trying to stumble to the finish.

If 20 years ago someone said that:


An objectionable TV personality became our greatest president.
That the previous admin would release a pandemic w/ the CCP to destroy him.
That it fostered a socialist cultural revolution.
The country would be trillions in debt.
The elections would be rigged.
That Washington would be effectively one party.
That our border would be invaded by hordes of Barbarians
That our police would be neutered.
That people who’ve never been slaves demand restitution from people who’ve never been slave owners.
That our media would be complicit vs. investigative.
That basic social constructs such as gender would be abandoned.
That a one-world government was the objective
That in spite of what people experience every day they can be made to believe that the weather is killing them.
That in spite of all this, people go about their lives as if nothing is wrong.
That in spite of this, I’m living the best days of my life and I’ve never been happier.

All the above is true. None of it would I have believed 20 short years ago.

Thank you for your insight. Be careful Sundance. We can’t have you meeting the same fate as Andrew Breitbart.


When I say, “I get it”, I mean in the deepest bone marrow I understand.

We are all in this together.

Slowly at first my friend, until suddenly all at once.


…When the silent ones can no longer tolerate their own silence.

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