Coup #3? Trish Regan Just Said What Millions of Americans Were Already Thinking

Coup #3? Trish Regan Just Said What Millions of Americans Were Already Thinking

Trish Regan’s firing offense at Fox was apparently in publicly uttering a concern that millions of Americans share, which is that, in one way or another, what we are witnessing with the COVID-19 pandemic is, in her words, “impeachment all over again”.

The Murdoch sons who are running Fox apparently concluded that the mere notion that portions of the ruling class could possibly be involved in leveraging a pandemic to get rid of a President they hate must never be articulated on air—it is simply too rattling to the masses, too likely to lead to civil unrest, and too preposterous to even be allowed to be considered.

Well, people are already rattled, because they’re not stupid, and they have been alive and cognizant since Trump was elected…they know what Ms. Regan alluded to is not preposterous.

Never mind that Nancy Pelosi has since pretty much confirmed Regan’s original comment. Here’s the broader point: there’s an awful lot about this pandemic that looks and feels like Coup #3 against Donald Trump. (We think it will fail like the other two, but that’s another post).

Here’s a simple outline of the elephant in the room that might be called ‘the suspicion of Coup #3’:

Coup #1—Russia Collusion—didn’t work; frustration builds in the Swamp.

Coup #2—the Ukraine-based Impeachment—didn’t work; frustration intensifies.

With the Dow heading to 30,000, everyone knows Trump is headed for landslide re-election in November 2020.

Coup plotters are feeling the heat; AG Barr has pointed to late spring 2020 as about the time to expect to hear from John Durham.

The Swamp is truly in mortal danger; there are corruptocrats from both parties wondering just how far a re-elected Trump might go in exposing all of them (See Senate Select Committee on Intelligence). The globalists’ decades-long trillion-dollar construct for international trade is cracking from the America First/tariffs’ earthquake.

There must be a Coup #3.

The multiple crisis dimensions of a public health pandemic have long been understood. White hats know it; so do black hats. Globalists indeed gamed out a ‘coronavirus pandemic’ as recently as October 2019 at ‘Event 201’.

So a virus is loosed on the world, starting in Wuhan, home of a Chinese bio-warfare lab. It’s exquisitely timed from the perspective of all power players—foreign or domestic—who desperately want another path to get rid of Trump. It’s not a super-lethal bioweapon; but this pandemic of possibly dark and dangerous origin sets up the perfect realm of uncharted territory where even the most ideologically conservative, freedom-protecting US President (which Trump is not) would be forced to consider unprecedented government responses to address apocalyptic possibilities.

Additionally, with due respect for the protective-of-leftists sensibilities of the NYT, Dr. Fauci is a problem. Whatever his professional resume, he is apparently one of America’s preeminent and most bizarre Hillary sycophants. He has the right to love Hillary all he wants, but the fact that he does, the way he conveys it, and the likelihood that Hillary would award knighthood if she could to anyone who could bring down Trump, makes plenty of Americans highly uncomfortable that Fauci stands in the role of leading medical expert advising President Trump on which models to believe, and which government restrictions and controls to impose to fight the pandemic.

Imagine Dan Bongino (or Michael Flynn!) advising President Hillary on national security strategy—do you suppose any leftists would be uncomfortable?

In any case, Fauci wears the authoritative doctor’s jacket image from decades in the public health arena. Trump can’t afford to cross the ‘expert’; Trump has to defer to him, at least for awhile.   And the expert—whether genuinely or as a result of being played himself—just happens to be inclined this time (in contrast to his recommendations during the far bigger and more lethal Obama era swine flu pandemic) to give credence to the most apocalyptic ‘what-if’ scenarios. (And Fauci isn’t alone; learn about COVID Act Now, and the leftists behind it, in “Inaccurate Virus Models are Panicking Officials Into Ill-Advised Lockdowns”).

Americans have noticed that not only the timing but the effects of a national and global pandemic are also a rather perfect fit for the takedown of Trump: early in an election year the re-election bellwether of a booming US economy suddenly tanks; the stock market crashes; over time the blame for both is plausibly (though not justifiably) placed on Trump; the cluster of pandemic management decisions is filled with second-guessing opportunities that can make Trump look bad no matter what he does; his re-election can be derailed. As an added bonus, Trump rallies are ended.

A final piece of Coup #3 is hiding in plain sight, with reminders every day if not every hour: it is the disturbing parallel of MSM hype of every negative COVID-19 event or development with the MSM hype of every Russia Collusion event or development.

The parallel is disturbing and highly suspicious because we know from IG Horowitz that the CIA, FBI and DOJ were regularly coordinating leaks to the MSM during the entire Russia Collusion hoax, and every single one of those leaks was intended to plant a story with an angle that would damage President Trump.

Now we are watching the MSM hype every negative event or development involving the pandemic, and every one of those stories is designed to prolong or increase panic, add pressure to extend lockdown orders, encourage more bleeding of a US Treasury already mind-numbingly bankrupt—in short, to crater the American economy to such a degree that no response is possible except eventual government takeover of major elements of economic activity following a rigged ‘mail-in’ November election that gets rid of Trump.

Could it just be the never-ending hatred of Trump that explains the MSM this time around, and not collaboration with Deep State leakers? Sure, it could be. But the societal cost of witnessing Coup #1 and Coup #2 is that Americans no longer give the benefit of the doubt to Deep State institutions or the MSM.

Americans are suspicious of coincidences, especially when they are so well-timed and follow on the heels of two amoral, any-means-justify-the-end coup attempts. Deep State players have already shown in Coup #1 and Coup #2 that they are convinced to their core that Donald Trump is the enemy of the United States—and that ‘fact’ justifies in their minds any means necessary to rid America of this menace. If you have any doubt, read the last 50 or so tweets by John Brennan.

It would be far preferable if there’s absolutely no truth to any of this outline of Coup #3. We hope so. And whether or not any of its true, the reality is that America must overcome this pandemic, and doing so and returning to some sense of normalcy is going to be an all-in task calling on everything great about America and Americans.

But the point remains: Trish Regan wasn’t and isn’t alone; millions of Americans are concerned about the possibility we’re not just dealing with a pandemic; we are witnessing attempted Coup #3, or even worse, World War III against America, with global communists/leftists being able to hide by not wearing military uniforms—but acting with every bit as much ‘intentionality’ as the Nazis and communists of the past.  That’s potentially a lot more to overcome.

Time will out the truth. Trish Regan just voiced the concern that millions of Americans already share as to what exactly that truth might be.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.