CV Update; Hans Von Spakovsky; St. Patrick’s Day

CV Update; Hans Von Spakovsky; St. Patrick’s Day

Articles reviewed in preparation for the March 17th show:

Coronavirus Logic & Scams

Here are the coronavirus guidelines released by the White House 

Reuters Stealth-Edits Debunked Story Claiming Trump Sought ‘Monopoly’ on COVID-19 Vaccine

Fake coronavirus testing kits seized at Los Angeles airport


Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky joins me: DOJ, FISA, Russians & Electoral College Treachery, Remain in Mexico Brilliance

Meet Hans von Spakovsky

“Remain-in-Mexico” Policy is Needed to Reduce Illegal Immigration

Destroying the Electoral College: The Anti-Federalist National

Popular Vote Scheme


Coronavirus: Progress & Recoveries

Blackburn, Menendez Lead Bipartisan Bill  to Increase US Prescription Drug Manufacturing 

More Than 70,000 people have recovered from coronavirus


St. Patrick’s Day

Government closes all pubs and bars in Ireland from this evening until March 29


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