CWT…about media outlets “calling the race for Joe Biden”?

CWT…about media outlets “calling the race for Joe Biden”?

Major news networks decided on Saturday November 7th to “call” the presidential race for Joe Biden, and the entire media world instantly exploded into nonstop coronation of the presumed next president. Headlines shouted, “Joe Biden to be America’s 46th President!” and “Kamala Harris shatters glass ceiling to become America’s first female Vice President!” The obvious message was that the race is over.


This is terribly and dangerously wrong, as well as unfair to the American people.

Here is why. The Electoral College is the only entity in America, in fact on the planet, with the authority to “call” or decide who will be the next president of the United States. They will meet on December 14th, the Monday after the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years as set in 3 U.S.C. §7.  No media outlet has any authority to “call” the election for any candidate. Of course Fox and Reuters and others would argue they are not making a legal decision, but are instead merely stating the obvious conclusion based on vote counts.

The reality is that those networks are steamrolling the ongoing counting, and the investigation of a large number of significant and likely outcome-changing abnormalities in election 2020.


The networks are also mightily striving to mold the perception of the American people that Joe Biden has already won, so that Americans will reject any other election outcome, even if the facts, litigation and completion of vote counting prove that Donald Trump won re-election. This undermines the right of the American people to know the facts and truth about the election outcome.  It deprives the country of the protections of the constitutional process. And it sets the stage for even greater national tumult and unrest than has already occurred over the last four years when many Democrats have persistently and hysterically challenged his presidency, policies and very legitimacy.


But the real injustice inflicted on America by the media’s attempt to bulldoze over the  legal issues raised by the Trump administration is that they are working to divert and suffocate the public’s attention to issues that go to the heart of the integrity of America’s electoral system. We all rely on this system to preserve our democratic republic.


It is already without question that:


  • Not one state legislature has yet certified the results of the votes in their state, a mandatory precursor to the December electoral college vote.
  • In Antrim county Michigan a “glitch” switched 6,000 votes for Trump to Biden in the Dominion Voting Systems software, the same software used in all of the swing states.
  • A similar “glitch” in this software in Oakland County, Michigan first awarded a county commissioner race to a Democrat but after the true vote count emerged, revealed that the Republican was the winner.
  • Procedures and laws were changed late in this election cycle to permit ballots to arrive later than is permissible by law, and those changes were made by officials other than members of the various elected legislatures, which are the only entity under the constitution that can make election laws. This is not just a constitutional problem. It has monumental significance because the purpose of deadlines for mail in ballots is to prevent the possibility of using them to make up for the deficit at the end of election day voting. If you can calculate how many more ballots are needed for “your guy” to win after the early and day-of voting ends, you can “produce” the needed mail-ins to make up the deficit when deadlines are abandoned.
  • More than one USPS worker has revealed that they were told to put late-mailed ballots in a special bin to be back-dated and therefore eligible to be counted.
  • Election officials in Philadelphia refused to permit poll watchers to actually watch the opening of mail-in ballots, a long tradition and election law requirement rooted in election integrity, and those officials continued their refusal even after a court ordered them to permit the watchers to enter and observe. Ask yourself what is the lawful and legitimate reason for this refusal?


None of the above are nit-picky inconsequential concerns. Each involves outcome-changing, election-stealing potential, and ALL trend one direction. Toward moving votes away from Trump and to Biden. What are the odds of that, that all irregularities, questionable events, and abnormalities favor Biden over Trump?


In addition, there are very serious allegations in this election cycle of truly nefarious election interference in the form manipulation of electronic vote tabulating software. Russ Ramsland of Dallas-based Allied Security Operations has explained and demonstrated how already cast ballots electronically stored in computers during the early voting phase, and between early voting and election day, can be altered electronically, almost without a trace. His past investigations have shown not just the potential for this illegal conduct but the extremely high likelihood that it has already occurred in past elections.


Even if every challenge to the mail-in ballots, election software, and all other election 2020 abnormalities is resolved and found meritless, respect for truth, for the constitutional process and for the American people’s right to open and honest elections, compels that these challenges be investigated and resolved. The point of “calling” this election by the elite media is to stampede over these challenges and investigations, and  to coronate their chosen candidate. Not ok in America.


Debbie Georgatos is the host of America Can We Talk?