December 13, 2015

December 13, 2015

First Fifteen


Debbie cuts through the noise about the possibility of a GOP ‘brokered convention’, and explains why it could be so offensive to the base of the Republican Party and to Americans generally. As it stands now, it would be an effort to deprive the people of their choice of Presidential nominee.


Also in the first hour:


SMU students and representatives of the Young America’s Foundation Drew Wicker and Grant Wolf join Debbie in studio to talk about the mission of YAF and its progress at SMU. Drew and Grant also talk about the ‘microaggression’ and protest trends around college campuses, and whether they are connecting at SMU.


Debbie covers the ‘boycott, divest, sanction’ or “BDS” movement spreading among college campuses, and the dangerous anti-Semitism and ant-Israel sentiment they reflect…and portend.


PJTV and PJMedia’s Scott Ott calls in to talk about the “Trifecta” show in which he and Bill Whittle and Steve Green join to discuss the conservative worldview applied to the serious issues facing America. Scott also addresses his own efforts to expand his listeners with podcasts. A recent podcast by Scott takes on Obama’s bizarre reason for not taking on ISIS—because that’s what ISIS wants us to do (??).


In the second hour:


Leading ladies Chris Davis and Jeni McGarry join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


Russ Ramsland, candidate for Congress in District 32, joins Debbie in studio to talk about his reasons for running for office against 20 year incumbent Pete Sessions. Term limits get a group discussion…


Debbie and the leading ladies continue last week’s discussion of the San Bernardino massacre, Obama’s widely panned-as-ineffective-and-inadequate speech to the nation, and what is needed going forward.


Trump and Cruz get the majority of attention in the weekly review of the presidential campaign.


The Paris climate accord—does it mean anything?



Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the first hour:


Brokered convention possibility and consequences 

College, Not Day Care 

Palestinian Dolls? 

Growing Anti-Semitism on college campuses 

White House Chanukah celebration marred by anti-Israeli chosen speaker


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the second hour:


Pointless Climate deal reached 

Employees—72 of them- on the No Fly list and employed by DHS 

Obama appoints pro-Hamas CZAR to deal with ISIS

DHS shut down investigator who could have helped prevent San Bernardino 

Trump and keeping Muslims out controversy- what he really said 

Most Americans oppose bringing more Syrian refugees here 

Most Americans Oppose Trump’s Proposed ban on Muslims coming to America?

Trump’s numbers go up after Muslim ban comment

Beaumont Imam agrees with Trump on halting Muslim immigration and is asked by mosque members to resign 

Hillary “can’t we just love more”

(Hillary contrast) Marine Major Jason Brezler discharged for using confidential data in email to protect boys from pedophile… same day State Department releases new list of Hillary confidential and secret emails on her server 

Hillary and Benghazi … Turns out that there were troops in the area

Really, there were troops in the area

Hillary, Benghazi, emails show troops close enough to help

Troops were ready



Moving ahead of Trump in Iowa 

Ted Cruising up in Polls 

In Iowa 

Cruz increases lead in Iowa  

Ted Cruz Heritage speech on Islam Dec 2015


TRUMP- new national poll: WAY ahead …

Pointless Climate deal reached

Wreaths Across America Day 

Affirmatively Forwarding Fair Housing—Obama and DC Decide everything about communities to force their version of correct racial and ethnic division of neighborhoods and communities…

Spending bill Congress averts a shutdown

Black students demand free college education.. and submit list of demands