December 20, 2015

December 20, 2015

First Fifteen


Debbie describes the anger sweeping American patriots after the passage of the omnibus spending bill. You don’t need to understand numbers; you just need to understand that spending is policy.


Despite grassroots opposition throughout the nation, Republicans in Washington will not fight against the agenda of radical leftism. The fury may be much greater than the ruling class believes.


Also in the first hour:


Congressional candidate Paul Brown (CD 32, incumbent Pete Sessions) joins Debbie in studio to talk about his campaign, and his reasons for feeling so strongly that Pete Sessions needs to be replaced. Brown’s background in military intelligence, including service in Iraq, have made him acutely aware of the challenges presented by radical Islam.


Debbie describes the experience of watching the Democrat debate, and the core issue of keeping America safe just was not addressed with intelligence and clarity.


During the last segment, Debbie reviews Harvard’s recent embarrassment over lunch placemats. Worth a listen.


In the second hour:


Leading ladies Drinda Randall and Jeni McGarry join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne calls in to discuss the ‘clock boy’ case, and the incredibly biased ways in which the media has chosen to report and not report various aspects of the situation in Irving and at MacArthur High School.


Debbie and the leading ladies discuss Trump and Putin news—will anything Trump says weaken his support?


They also discuss two great American stories: the outpouring of support for the funeral of a WWII/Normandy veteran who recently passed, but with no surviving family. What a testament to the goodness and greatness of America!


The Charlie Brown Christmas story gets new attention, as a Kentucky school learns the true story of Christmas.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the first hour:


Dallas Morning News says both parties support Omnibus deal

Omnibus bill, RIP to the GOP

Rush says disband the GOP

Who voted for this Omnibus bill 


UN Syrian peace plan


Dems under Obama removed references to Islam and Muslims from all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive


FBI NO way to vet refugees BUT Dems say no delay permitted

San Bernardino killer passed the stringent vetting process

Egypt’s Al-Sisi says Islam must un-radicalize

The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule

Quotes from Muslim leaders around the world-jihad IS your duty

Just discovered that the Chattanooga shooting was terrorism

The existence of a moderate Muslim advocacy group proves the truth of what islam teaches…Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

Finding weapons in Paris Mosques …

Whistle Blower Haney says DHS Shutdown an investigation that could have prevented San Bernardino


Harvard Holiday placement


Race relations … Freddie Gray case… hung jury


Links reviewed in preparation for the second hour:


Mayor Beth Van Duyne

Rolling polling on GOP

Ted Cruz vs Marco Rubio on immigration— whose ideas and track record will voters trust?

The Donald buddying up with Russia’s Putin … sign of statesmanship or confusion?

Hoax threat shut down LA Schools

And Dallas ISD threat



Good things about America

Charlie Brown Christmas story