Don’t Be Gaslighted: the Georgia Hearing Landed a KO Punch

Don’t Be Gaslighted: the Georgia Hearing Landed a KO Punch

The Georgia State Senate Judiciary did a great service to America in yesterday’s hearing on November 3rd election irregularities.  The Pravda media organs will deny, ignore or suppress the information shared at the hearing, but they do not have absolute censorship capability.  The ‘truth will out’.

Here’s one twitter thread (not yet taken down at this writing) that captures much of what was shared.  But the simplest and most powerful ‘outing’ of the truth came from the real-time testimony of Jovan Pulitzer confirming that hackers were able to get ‘in’ (meaning hack in) to Georgia’s voting machines then being used in early voting in the January 5 Senate runoff election, during the exact time that Pulitzer was testifying.  (That by itself ought to be enough to justify canceling the January 5 runoff and postponing it to a new date with new voting procedures, but that’s a topic for another day).

What this means more broadly is that the Dominion voting machines—the same ones used in Georgia in the November 3rd national election—were in fact connected to the internet and were easily accessible by hackers.  Despite repeated denials by Dominion executives that their machines are even capable of being connected to the internet, that fact was proved in yesterday’s hearing, and in frighteningly relevant form.

Americans are no longer tricked by the gaslighting narratives of the Pravda media that try to tell viewers that they did not see what they just saw.

Viewers of the Georgia hearing saw proof of sophisticated and malicious election fraud, up close and personal, right here in the good ole USA.  They have seen earlier, similar hearings in other states, but the passage of time has led to more and better exposure of the details.  The Georgia presentation was compelling.


It’s time for Americans and their 535 House and Senate elected officials to take a deep breath, demonstrate that they still have a grasp on the quality of integrity, and face the reality:

There is no good faith argument that electronic manipulation of voting machines could never happen, or could not have changed the outcome.

More to the point, there is no good faith argument that Joe Biden won the presidential election. 

Some Americans surely voted for Joe Biden, and there can be good faith arguments as to which of the two candidates would make a better President.

Partisan Democrats can also point to Electoral College procedures and other in-the-weeds legalities to argue for a ‘President-elect’ Joe Biden.

But as to the cold, hard truth of who actually won the election—there are NO grounds, there is NO justification to accept the “President-Elect Biden” Democrat/media steamroll, and there is every reason to believe that President Trump won re-election ‘bigly.’  When every bit of mechanical vote fraud, and every bit of electronic election fraud, and every massive statistical anomaly all operate to contort the election to support Biden and undermine Trump, why must America continue down the path of the presumptive Biden win? Why should America agree to ignore the evidence of the nationwide criminality involved in the attempt to steal this election, when that evidence is overwhelming, obvious and irrefutable?

There are, at the very least, 75 million Americans and, in reality, probably closer to 100 million Americans, who know the cold, hard truth that Trump won the election, and they are righteously enraged.  They are not a single little child who knows ‘the emperor has no clothes’; they represent a critical mass of a size and power that America’s ruling class so far seems unable to comprehend.

These Americans will not accept a President Joe Biden under any circumstances, including even the circumstance under which Biden takes the oath of office on January 20, 2021.  There is ceremony, and there is reality—and the reality isn’t going to change.  The American people will not consent to this monstrous lie being imposed on them.  And they are not going anywhere.

But that’s the beauty and the gift and the power of the Georgia hearing yesterday.  The Pravda narrative—“No evidence of election fraud”—definitively ended with that hearing.  The evidence of election fraud in Georgia was specific and clear; it was systemic and not isolated or anecdotal; and the fact that it emerged from machines and/or software in use in a majority of the 50 states points very obviously and convincingly to the breathtaking scope of the steal.  And the simple real-time, online penetration of the Dominion voting machines put the lie, not only to the Dominion CEO, but to every pundit or editorial writer who has taken a smirking, dismissive attitude at the prospect of substantial, nationwide fraud.

America’s ruling class has not even a fig leaf left to claim that fraud hasn’t been proven or that it was not enough to change the result.

So…Americans are about to witness a mass character-reveal unlike anything in US history.  If the 535 members of the House and Senate each have a conscience, they will speak up even before January 6 to put an end to the drama and hyper-speculation. They could refuse to procedurally contort the process to make the lie of a President Biden stick.  They should  know they can’t make that lie stick, and shouldn’t try.  They will know it is time to discard the electoral college votes from all of the states where fraud was so rampant and obvious that those states submitted two competing sets of electoral college votes. Rejecting those electoral college votes will lead to an inevitable second Trump term. They may deeply, personally oppose that outcome, but the alternative of a stand for manifest untruth will brand them forever as a disgrace to themselves, to American history and even to human history.

But if enough of them decide to stand for manifest untruth, watch out.

History attributes to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto a now famous comment he reportedly made in the aftermath of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor:

“I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

The cabal that executed the attempted steal of an American election on November 3rd, 2020, awakened the sleeping giant that is the American people.   But if the 535 elected representatives of the American validate that transparent steal by ‘installing’ a President Biden, they are going to see the terrible resolve of the American people in ways none of us can fully imagine.

So does that mean Americans can expect that all 535 are going to acknowledge the significance of yesterday’s Georgia hearing and vote to accept Trump’s second term?  Of course not.  As the old Christmas carol, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” says, ‘hate is strong’ and tends to mock truth.  But the bells that honor truth rang ‘loud and deep’ in Georgia yesterday, and they promise ‘the wrong shall fail, the right prevail’.

The Georgia State Senate Judiciary Committee may have saved America yesterday.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?