Dr. Douglas Frank – Another Gem

Dr. Douglas Frank – Another Gem

We’ve previously noted our admiration for the talents and courage of Dr. Douglas Frank.  He has exposed election fraud in compelling, irrefutable ways–using publicly available data, and with a gentle firmness that defies rebuttal.

Dr. Frank posted recently regarding data from Oregon (click here), and included this message:

People who say that the high registration and turnout in 2020 were due to Covid haven’t looked at the DATA, which show that the increasing trend started *before* Covid. Notice also the increased volatility in turnout following 1996… a trend I’ve seen in many states. 1996 is when the national concerted effort began to steal our elections, enabled by electronic voting machines and the internet.  (bold italics added)

Too many Americans conflate an analysis of election fraud with an analysis of the personality of Donald Trump.  Hate Trump enough?…then there was no election fraud, and it doesn’t matter what data Dr. Frank or Seth Keshel or anyone else presents.

But Dr. Frank’s tireless and thorough work has put him on to the deeper, darker side of this issue:  the likelihood is that American elections have been rigged for at least two decades.

The internet and electronic voting machines were tools ripe for use by American intelligence agencies to ‘facilitate’ regime change in various countries they decided were in need of it…and it wasn’t long before the same logic (and temptation) applied to the USA.  There is, in their view, just too much at stake to allow that annoying concept of ‘we the people’ deciding who their government leaders should be.

And everything was going along just fine for the deep state/intelligence agencies until an outsider showed up and stirred up the people to such an extent that the voter turnout of 2016 blew out the algorithms, and they had no back up plan for where to ‘find’ the votes to defeat the outsider.

So they doubled down in 2020, with the backup plan to pull the plug on vote tabulation in five swing states on election night (if needed), so that ‘pallets of ballots’ could be delivered in the wee hours of the morning and fix the result they way they wanted.  But Trump’s 12 million additional votes in 2020 compared to 2016 made the task impossible to achieve without exposing the scale and breadth of election rigging.

The gaslighting of the American people on the subject of 2020 election fraud has now run out of juice…interesting times ahead.