Dr. Douglas Frank – Widespread Fraud

Dr. Douglas Frank – Widespread Fraud

When the history of this era is finally written, we think Dr. Douglas Frank is very likely to be at or near the top of the list of previously unknown and unsung American patriots who rose to the occasion and applied their God-given talents to investigate, discover, expose and explain the colossal election fraud that occurred in America in November 2020.  (You can search ‘Dr. Frank’ on this website to see the many posting we have done, touting his workk.)

Dr. Frank is now very active on Telegram; the post reproduced below is from today.  Succinct, clear and powerful…and based on the truth.



“Widespread Fraud”

Let me be clear.

EVERY state experienced widespread fraud. The entire ‘election’ was manipulated nationwide.

I make this strong claim based upon compelling evidence… statistical, mathematical, electronic, and physical.

The shocking thing to me is that several senior election officials have acknowledged the widespread fraud to my face. But they are unwilling to admit it in public for a variety of reasons.

Too many of them gave access to our election systems in exchange for Zuckerbucks.

Too many of them are afraid they will be blamed.

Too many of them are choosing politics over justice.

Too many of them fear a constitutional crisis.

Too many of them hate Trump.

The blame lies firmly in our own laps. We the People have steadily yielded our country to institutions and individuals, rather than keeping it in our own hands, as designed by our founding fathers.

Now we have to clean house and take our country back, because those to whom we have relegated the power aren’t going to address the problems unless we empower them or replace them.