Dr. Daniel Erickson | 9.3.20

Dr. Daniel Erickson | 9.3.20

Dr. Daniel Erickson joins Debbie to discusses the censoring of information relating to COVID-19

  • Jan M. Clement
    Posted at 16:49h, 04 September Reply

    Well, here is censorship OUT LOUD, happening in front of our very eyes. The left (Fauchi and CDC) do not want Truth out there because they want the virus to keep us all locked down, tanking the economy, and destroying our will up until the election. We must fight this unconstitutional lock down and allow the TRUTH to be told by our doctors all around the country who are treating the disease successfully. THERE IS NO NEED TO WAIT UNTIL THERE IS A VACCINE. Even the common flu vaccine yearly only covers 40% of cases since there are so many strains of it out there. This current virus has already morphed into many strains, not all of which will be covered by the initial vaccine our science is racing to produce.

    Stand Strong, people of America, and carry on your lives. Vote Trump because if you vote for Biden and his cohorts, you are voting in a social democratic ideology which is a cover for communism. The far left, Chinese Communist Party ideology is alive and well in America. The players have hijacked the Democrat Party and are in control of it, poised to usher in the ‘complete transformation of America” as was championed by our last president, Obama.

  • JanClement
    Posted at 22:15h, 04 September Reply

    My comment above was made on the YouTube platform, which did not have this video available. Gives me great anxiety about YouTube censorship….

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