Dr. Jordan Peterson – Sounding an Important Warning on Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Jordan Peterson – Sounding an Important Warning on Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Jordan Peterson is an intellectual force to be reckoned with…and is weighing in on all sorts of cultural dysfunction.  Today’s post on shortcomings of the secular leftist’s view of what constitutes ‘intelligence’ is worth pondering (bold font and italics added):

…Human beings face the same conundrum, individually and with regard to each other: how do we unite the fractious and warring forces within our psyches into a mature and integrated unity, that can be simultaneously harmonized with the broader community?  How can we do that, furthermore, in a manner that balances the needs of the present and the future?

We managed that uniting and balance, traditionally and broadly, with religious narrative and a shared literary/humanities education. That was the very purpose of higher learning and devotion.

The problem with current AI–and this includes Grok–is that it is radically overweighted to the present. This makes it as much or more prone to ideological delusions as the unmoored people of our current society. This makes it (and us) pathologically susceptible, for example, to the idiot resentful blandishments of the envious Marxist and their DEI descendants, who self-righteously perceive the victim and the victimizer everywhere.


So they can take to themselves the spoils due those who have been hypothetically robbed in the past; so that they can parade their moral virtue in the absence of the necessity for any real sacrifice.

The true spiritual descendants of the murderous Cain… Without the stake in the ground provided by the past, everything deteriorates into a power-mad and frequently nihilistic hedonism and materialism.

Then chaos comes–or the victory of the foreign enemy.