Dr. Robert Malone – Speaking Plainly

Dr. Robert Malone – Speaking Plainly

As the acknowledged inventor of mRNA vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone has credibility on these matters of ‘science’. 

And again, to the everlasting credit of the ‘alternative media’ abounding on the internet, it’s possible to access Dr. Malone’s expertise.  He’s regularly speaking out.  Such a tragedy that America’s legacy media has morphed into Pravda and won’t pay any attention to anything that questions the government.

Dr. Malone’s latest from his Telegram channel (bold italics added; spelling errors corrected):

Speaking plainly #1: The risk/benefit ratio calculations for prevention of infection and disease for the first gen spike vaccines is likely to be even worse for the Omicron.  Less effective vaccines, same toxicities, and less risk from Omicron based on current data.

Speaking plainly #2: Dr. Fauci has surrounded himself with “yes men” (sycophants), has advanced delusions of grandeur (“I am Science”), is no longer an objective scientist, is acting as an unelected petty dictator, and is being enabled by a weak POTUS. A Globalist mouthpiece.

Dr. Fauci is no longer serving the interests of the US population he is sworn to serve.  At a minimum he must be relieved of duty and retired at current age of 80 years- 81 on Dec 24- Born in 1940.

What we have now is the consequences of allowing development of a cult of personality reinforced by legacy media and big tech censorship and propaganda.  Somehow this has to stop.  Case fatality rates in USA are an embarrassment.  Many unnecessary deaths in USA traceable to this.

Speaking plainly #3: You all understand the concept of bias based on prior experience. It can cause you to react to new threats in ways that are not helpful. Your immune system is also subject to this type of bias. Vaccination and boosting with mismatched vaccine will create bias

This is “The Science”.  Boosting with mismatched vaccines is a very bad idea. Mass vaccination with a single antigen (Spike) will drive evolutionary selection (“selection of the fittest”) of viral escape mutants. The media, tech, politicians are hypnotized by Fauci and Pharmabux.

Until we can get these people and organizations to open their minds and actually listen to and process the data, we will continue to be stuck in a crazy “groundhog day” loop of repeating past public health mismanagement errors.  But they do not have the expertise to comprehend.