Dr. Simon – Ten Signs Why This Isn’t a Real Pandemic

Dr. Simon – Ten Signs Why This Isn’t a Real Pandemic

We don’t know much about “Dr. Simon”, and it’s fair to be careful about evaluating new material from the internet, but this reads pretty credibly.

Perhaps most striking–and easiest to resonate with Americans over a certain age–is Dr. Simon’s observation about the lack of any sense from ‘public health authorities’ that they are transparently in favor of reassuring the public rather than stoking fear and driving them to one remedy.

Fauci and those who follow him may claim that they ARE trying to reassure the public by telling everyone to take the vaccine, but that just doesn’t square with thousands of doctors and hundreds of thousands–and probably now millions–of patients who have been effectively treated with HCQ, ivermectin and budesonide.

Honest medical leaders preoccupied with a singular goal of reducing covid illness would welcome and embrace every treatment that repeatedly demonstrates efficacy.  But Fauci has never done that. He has been fixated with vaccination from the beginning.  Dr. “I represent science” Fauci said there were and are no other therapies.  That was and is a stone-cold, medically-demonstrable falsehood, yet it was honored/obeyed by downstream hospitals and medical licensing boards and pharmacies…leading directly to their refusal to allow life-saving treatments for patients under their direct and indirect care.  That should be an unconscionable result to any serious physician who feels bound by the Hippocratic oath.

That’s why millions around the world are sensing that this is not a ‘real pandemic’….Dr . Simon has simply documented ten reasons why those millions are feeling that way.


Ten Signs Why This Isn’t a Real Pandemic

1. In times of a pandemic, it is commonplace to reassure the public. This is because panic and despair cause adverse effects on human health and cognitive capacities as excessive stress increases cortisol and blood sugar levels (https://bit.ly/3p8s068). This has been known for decades, yet media and politicians keep the public in fear and anxiety.

2. Recently, a whistleblower published that the data that led to the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine admission were manipulated and did not meet scientific standards (https://bit.ly/3E54bCE). As a result, instead of questioning the vaccine, boosters are becoming mandatory in many countries.

3. Children, adolescents, and healthy adults have little or no risks of becoming seriously ill from Covid. Nevertheless, there is significant political and social pressure for healthy people to take an experimental drug to “protect others” (see next point). Those who reject to protect themselves and others often run the risk to lose their jobs. Some countries even discuss detention for non-cooperating people (https://bit.ly/31aMfbc).

4. For decades, vaccines have been communicated as a means of self-protection. This year, the vaccines have been enforced on everybody to “protect yourself and others”, even though the transmission potential of vaccinated and unvaccinated people is similar (https://bit.ly/3G1roWC).

5. The peer-review process of the critical publication about the Covid PCR tests took one day max (https://bit.ly/3FSOY7W). The corresponding author, Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, is also a member of the journal’s editorial board, where the paper was published. Skipping a peer-review process is no minor offence and can be considered scientific fraud.

6. A study from 1919 by Wilfried Kellogg about the efficacy of mask-wearing during the Spanish Influenza stated that “many instances were observed among hospital attendants where apparently the mask was no protection to the wearers” (https://bit.ly/3I240ds). It was further considered that the mask may have “an unhygienic influence when extended to the entire working day of the individual”. This old knowledge was confirmed in a recent review paper on the potential adverse effects of wearing masks (https://bit.ly/3cX1ya7). The authors concluded that wearing masks poses severe health risks while not reducing transmission significantly. Gagging the public with ineffective masks exclusively seems to be a political reason to break down resistance.

7. The general life expectancy is the same as the average age of death of people who die with or due to Covid. During the Spanish Influenza pandemic, the average age of death of infected people was 28 years, whereas the life expectancy at that time was 56 years.

8. Dissidents are publicly discredited as “terrorists” and “tyrants” (https://bit.ly/3D6tdjx). Both the rights to bodily integrity and the inviolability of human dignity no longer apply for unvaccinated individuals.

9. Sunlight, physical exercises, social interaction, gut health, and exposure to pathogens are essential for a functioning immune system. During the lockdowns, governments closed gyms and sports clubs, prohibited social interactions, and imposed curfews. Fast food delivery services have significantly benefited from this situation.

10. Many scientists and experts in immunology, epidemiology, virology, vitamin D, etc., are currently being banned from social media. Mainly Facebook and Twitter ban and restrict accounts of dissidents randomly. YouTube censors videos that oppose the official narrative. Restriction of freedom of expression would not happen in an open society.