Election Fraud in the Texas GOP Primary

Election Fraud in the Texas GOP Primary

Seth Keshel has zeroed in on impossible-except-as-rigged election results in the March 1, 2022 Texas GOP primary.

Want to know why Texas RINOs won’t touch a fraud-ridden election system that damn near put the state in the Biden column? Behold:

TX Senate District 11

Photo 1: Bianca Gracia (Latinos for Trump notoriety) leads the establishment choice Middleton by 1200 votes going into the Election Day count.

Photo 2:
Middleton leapfrogs Gracia with 93% counted, with a statistically impossible 34k to 4k vote accumulation run since Election Day counting began.

Photo 3:
Bianca Gracia unexpectedly sheds 7300 votes with 100% counted, finishing a distant last, with RINO Middleton at 63% and in no danger of a runoff. Populist uprising crushed.

Want to play ball like the left? Why is a Hispanic female Trump activist being disenfranchised, along with her voters? This is garbage and the corrupt Texas GOP knows it as well.

I am hearing similar claims from other candidates who were squashed.

It appears to me, based on the reports of many primary candidates in Texas who not only lost, but were utterly curb stomped by 70 points, in an anti-establishment year from hell, that we may have our reason for no election action in Texas after the disaster that was 2020…

Because two parties feed at this foul trough. The TX Senate District 11 race is rotten to the core and is just the start.

If this is evidence of manipulation, then it is designed to fend off populist uprisings, prop up controlled RINOs, and also crush the populist candidates in humiliating fashion to create the narrative of “your platform is repulsive” – a direct strike at America First.

When conservatives were rooting on Bush in 2006, your conspiracy theorist friends saying both parties are the same were right!


Attorney General Ken Paxton–about to go down himself in a primary runoff against George P. Bush–ought to go all-in with an investigation of these Texas Senate District 11 results.  Maybe after thorough cyber/forensic investigation, there will be a perfectly innocent explanation, and Mayes Middleton will be enhanced as a credible winner.  And maybe there won’t be a perfectly innocent explanation; maybe the means and methods of systemic election fraud will be better understood, and the breadth of their application across many state races in Texas on March 1 will also be understood.

The stench of these results will not go away by Abbott or Paxton or others shouting ‘sore loser’ or by the umpteenth reference to tinfoil hats.  Look at the data.  How did Bianca Garcia go from 8,008 ‘early votes’ to 4,924 votes in the final tally?  What exactly explains that?

Mayes Middleton enjoyed a 34K to 4K tsunami of vote counting support after early voting….do the precinct chairs and poll workers back this up–i.e., did they see and feel the avalanche of Middleton support on March 1?

There is almost unlimited hubris on the part of incumbent Texas officials that this kind of evidence of election fraud can be swept aside, and the ‘little people’ called Texans can be patted on the head and told to fall in line.

We’ll see.