Election fraud is an existential threat to the entire American experiment

Election fraud is an existential threat to the entire American experiment

Despite relentless gaslighting by election fraud deniers (this was the “most secure election in American history – trust me!”), once you are informed, the undeniable truth is that election 2020 was stolen right before our very eyes. And it was not a first-time thing: systemic vulnerability to election fraud plagues our election process at all levels in America and has for years.  The only question is whether Americans who understand this have the courage to fix it. Our very existence as a constitutional republic depends on our willingness to take up this battle and refuse to surrender until we win.  It is a massive and massively consequential problem. And there is a simple solution.


There is a raging battle in America today about an enormously consequential question: whether the 2020 election was stolen. It’s a largely political battle. Both political camps profess to oppose election fraud, so they agree in principle on the need for fair elections but disagree on whether and how election fraud occurred.


But the most impactful, foundational issue for American citizens, regardless of political affiliation, is one that is amenable to nonpolitical factual analysis. Is our election system vulnerable to outcome-changing fraud? And if so, how can it be fixed?


Four primary points before delving more deeply into the facts and solutions.


One, the entire American experiment in self-governance and human liberty depends on getting this issue right. If elections are rigged, we are no longer self-governed. Just as we cannot have a sovereign nation without secure borders, we cannot have a constitutional republic secured by democratic voting, without honest elections.

Two, every American should care about whether our election process harbors systemic vulnerabilities – whether it is possible to steal an election in America.  Whether you are a Trump-supporter, a Never-Trumper, an agnostic on voting and politics, or anywhere else on the political spectrum, is irrelevant. It is not about Trump or Biden or any other person. Further, whether you believe the 2020 elections were rigged, or not, is also irrelevant to getting to the correct answer about whether our current election process suffers from fatal vulnerabilities to fraud.

Three, we cannot afford to kick this election fraud can down the road any longer. The 2020 election debacle offered a mega-spotlight on election fraud methods and unleashed an army of everyday citizens and election experts who have exposed evidence we cannot ignore. What they uncovered is more than sufficient to justify a demand for broad, systemic changes to our electoral process. We know the “how’s,” meaning the methods used to cheat voters out of a fair election.  And we can fix them. Given that those holding office “won” elections under our currently flawed system can render some of them unwilling to do the hard work to fix the process.

We the People must lead on this issue.

Four, the fact that numerous forms of election fraud occurred simultaneously does not in the slightest diminish the illegality and seriousness of each method or proof point. Also, it does not matter that no one appears to know with precision and completeness each and every person or group pulling the strings of election fraud (though I have some very good guesses). The fact that strings are pulled, and elections manipulated, all by itself means we must fight the fraud. Similarly, do not be duped by those who say that election audits happened, and they verified the original count. If a pile of 100 counterfeit $1 bills is counted over and over, and each time you get 100, that does nothing to determine if the bills were counterfeit or by how many methods they were counterfeited. Same with counting and recounting fraudulent ballots.


The Election Theft of 2020


The hysteria with which some politicos and journalists lambast and actually threaten Americans who question the 2020 elections is telling. When Biden’s Department of Homeland Security issues an official bulletin saying that you might be considered a “domestic terrorist” if you question the legitimacy of the 2020 elections, you know those raising questions are “taking fire because they are over the target.”  Those screeching that no analysis or investigation should take place, no questions can be asked, appear to be admitting that investigation would uncover the illegitimacy.


Reams have been written about the overwhelming evidence of election fraud in 2020, with evidence still mounting daily, but I want to start with demolishing the canard hoisted early and often in purported defense of ‘the most secure election in history’:  “voting machines are not connected to the internet.”  Electronic voting machines of all kinds were and are connected to the internet.  The operating manuals for these machines instruct operators HOW to connect to the internet. This has been proven beyond doubt in multiple ways in multiple states.  Those talking heads and political suits who voiced this canard were either ignorant or lying.


Here are some, but by far not all, of the most commonly understood data points that reflect the broad scope of election fraud in 2020.


  • Bellwether counties meaning 18 of the 19 counties whose voters consistently chose the winning candidate for the last four decades went for Trump by on average 16 points, while the one outlier went for Biden by 3 points
  • Counting stopped in key swing states, on election night with Trump comfortably ahead before the BIG PAUSE and Biden emerging victorious in the morning. (For those who watched election returns in 2020, this rankles the most, because no amount of backfilling and explaining and denying can gaslight these viewers into unseeing what they saw. This was quite literally an organized crime.)
  • The Mules and ballot harvesting Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming 2000 Mules documentary film relies on the work of the True the Vote organization utilizing “ten trillion cell phone ping and four million minutes of surveillance video uncovered a nationwide organized criminal ballot trafficking ring” in which “242 traffickers who made 5,662 trips to ballot drop boxes between the early morning hours of 12 AM and 5 AM, potentially unloading hundreds of thousands of illegally harvested ballots over the course of several weeks”
  • In Wisconsin, the 100% bedridden invalid voter turnout in nursing homes
  • In Maricopa County Arizona, the longstanding refusal of county election administrators to turn over routers, along with 200,000 phantom voters in just that one county
  • The Michigan-based sworn affidavits describing election officials engaged in fraud, and running the same ballots through the counters over and over.
  • The Trump campaign rallies, four or five a day packed with tens of thousands of Americans and still overflowing, and the Biden in the Basement non-existent campaign with no crowds.


We Americans get so accustomed to hearing the litany of voter fraud evidence that we can fall into the trap of being desensitized to it. Like kids who watch too much violence in video games become desensitized and fail to appreciate the significance and evil of real-life violence, we hear so often the wide-ranging and vast evidence of election fraud that we fail to appreciate the overwhelming nature of the evidence staring us in the face.


One irrefutable evidence point about election fraud in 2020 (and more are available) was developed by Dr. Douglas Frank who founded and teaches at a private high school for mathematical geniuses. PLEASE take the time to actually understand what he has discovered, because once you do you will never again doubt that America’s election system is hopelessly and irrefutably rigged.


Frank posts his work on Telegram under the name Follow the Data with Dr. Frank, https://t.me/FollowTheData.  Anyone can go there and read the data. Dr. Frank made a mathematical discovery related to elections in December 2020, and since then has developed and proven it over and over. The simple summary is that the election turnout within each county of each state per each age of voter (from age 18 to 100) is precisely predictable based on an algorithm. For those not mathematically minded, myself included, I will put this in the simplest terms I can. The election outcomes we all see reported are not legitimate, not related to the actual counts of real votes, but are instead the product of an algorithm, electronic monitoring and manipulation of vote tabulation, combined with ballot stuffing.


Specifically, Dr. Frank discovered that in each state he has analyzed (he is up to 40 states, using publicly available data), he can in just one county tally the voter turnout by age, meaning how many 18-year-olds, 19yos, 20yos, etc. turned out to vote in that election in that one county, and precisely predict the percentage voter turnout in every other county in that state by age group – because the percentages are EXACTLY the same.  This precise predictability is absolutely impossible as a naturally occurring phenomenon; it is irrefutable proof that the election was rigged.


Again, the reported voting data is not legitimate, but is instead the product of an algorithm. It is manipulated.  He has explained and elaborated on his discovery on many media outlets including my AmericaCanWeTalk show here, and here.


By way of explanation about how this can be engineered, Dr. Frank has also uncovered and mapped out systemic fraud within the voter rolls. In short, he has discovered and shown that  before elections, voter roll numbers are puffed up or increased, filled with “phantom voters,” who do not actually exist, but whose names on the rolls can be used to “cast votes” in races where otherwise the “wrong person” was headed to victory.


In much the same way that media try to quash conversation on a wide variety of topics if someone is disagreeing with left-wing pronounced “truth,” the mockery mob has piled on Dr. Frank with labels of “conspiracy theorist,” and describe his work as “totally debunked” (citing nothing), while for the most part ignoring his evidence and urging others to do so. Dr. Frank is a nonpolitical mathematical intellect with no agenda except truth, who stands by, and continues to develop and explain his work, and who is vilified and mocked by integrity-bereft agenda-driven leftwing outfits like CNN.


Dr. Frank’s work is validated also by other Americans who commit to pursing election truth, including Seth Keshel, whose brilliant work can also be found on Telegram at https://t.me/s/RealSKeshel.


We don’t need more proof. We need to admit the truth and take action to fix the system.


The systemic vulnerability of America’s election process


Much attention is being paid to the fact that the system of sending out millions of unsolicited Mail-in Ballots is a massive source of election fraud. From President Carter’s Commission on Federal Election Reform’s conclusion that ‘Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,’ to the rampant mail in ballot fraud uncovered by True the Vote and featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming 2000 Mules film mentioned above, the ability to mail out unsolicited paper ballots and then collect and count them as real votes is just too irresistible a temptation to cheaters (ballot harvesters) and too fickle a method to trust.


Some state legislatures, which are the constitutionally ordained rule makers regarding election law, tightened up several sources of potential systemic election fraud by clarifying and tightening voter ID requirements,  and shortening or eliminating the early voting period,  and other election provisions in their states in response to the obvious fraud of the 2020 elections.  The “voter suppression” labels slung at those states trying to eliminate election fraud are patently absurd, insulting to the intelligence of all voters, and perhaps even libelous.


The current spate of voter integrity bills do address and correct some issues, but do not go far enough.  A central source of  systemic election fraud is the use of electronic voting machines. Yet not one state legislature of which I am aware chose to eliminate the potential for systemic electronic election fraud by eliminating electronic voting machines. Stated another way, no state chose to eliminate the potential for election theft via electronic hacking.


Please remember this simple truth in response to all questions regarding the use of any electronic voting machines, electronic vote tabulators, USB flash drives used to transmit data, central counting computers, and any other electronic devices in the election process:


Computers are hackable. Anything connected to the internet is hackable.

Therefore, every computer or other internet-connected device associated with our elections, is hackable.

Electronic voter fraud is just a form of computer hacking, which happens every day.

Electronic voter rolls and tabulators centralize and enable widespread fraud.


Let me share a few examples to make this point.


Flash drives effectively contain a small, embedded computer. The massive capacity of flash drives to execute devastating intrusions was evident in an intrusion that “destroyed thousands of Iranian nuclear centrifuges,” in the incident that impacted a Ukrainian nuclear plant and did $400 million in damage to FedEx, as well as in an invasion called Agent.BTZ  that “was behind a massive cyber-attack that penetrated classified US military computers world-wide.”


We all read and hear about massive computer hacking causing millions in damage along with endangering the privacy of millions of people. Private sector companies—with far more money than Election Departments have to spend on cyber security, and whose boards have potential fiduciary liability for failure to protect customer and proprietary data, are hacked all the time. Remember the SolarWinds hack that was undetected for months and impacted almost all Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of thousands of customers? And Yahoo had more than one billion customer accounts hacked in 2013. Dozens more examples of massive, recent hacks exist, far too many to enumerate here.


Hackers have succeeded in breaking into the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of Defense, and even the NSA.


If neither the NSA, the DOD, nor the wealthiest companies in America, can protect themselves from devastating hacking, and often are not aware of such hacking attacks until long after the damage has been done, WHY would Americans continue to entrust our sacred right to vote to computers or any other electronic device which can be hacked?  


In today’s context, moving to paper ballots and hand counting are not throwbacks to the stone age, they are the best and most modern answers in the modern world, to the situation in which we find ourselves today.


The simple solutions to restore integrity to and trust in America’s elections


We need to return for the foreseeable future and perhaps forever, to paper ballots and hand counting of ballots, along with simplifying the voting process to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.


Here are the basic reforms needed, which activists should push at the state, county, election department, and every other level:


  • Ban all electronic voting machines and vote tabulators, equipment, flash drives etc. Use paper ballots only, with human vote counters, not machine tabulators. Encourage MORE Americans of every political persuasion to volunteer to be part of the process, especially the counting and the observers of the counting. Seth Keshel makes a great point that in order to have hand-counting we need to have small election precincts, keeping the number of ballots to be counted within a reasonable number.
  • Impose extreme limitations on the use of mail-in and absentee ballots, making them permissible on a needs-only basis, allowing them for those in the military serving abroad, truly bedridden invalids, and other special circumstance exceptions narrowly defined by legislators. NO more unsolicited mail-in ballots, no absentee ballots unless based on serious and verified need, no ballot boxes. Make ballot-deliverers sign under penalty of perjury that they are delivering a valid ballot filled out by the voter to whom it was sent, and limit each ballot deliverer to one ballot.
  • Impose significant prison sentences for all kinds of election fraud, including those who attempt to vote who are not citizens, those who try to vote more than once in the same election, those who enable or participate in mail-in ballot fraud, those who falsely utilize mail-in ballots.
  • END all early voting and have one Election Day as a national holiday. Make it a patriotic holiday like July 4th!
  • ANNUALLY clean out all voter rolls, with an audit of the entire roll and a canvassing of a portion of listed voters, meaning going out to addresses listed in the voter rolls and verifying the names and addresses.


Not one of these items is too much to ask. We Americans cannot afford NOT to do this. We the People need to push this at every level of government, but especially in our state legislatures, county commissioners’ courts, and to state and local election officials. No change will come to our election process without sustained and in fact relentless pressure from citizens to our government.


Stealing elections is stealing our country. Stealing freedom. Stealing the promise of self-governance.


We the People can fix this!


Debbie Georgatos

Host, America Can We Talk?