Emerald Robinson – America’s Elections Are Rigged (and Everybody Knows It)

Emerald Robinson – America’s Elections Are Rigged (and Everybody Knows It)

Emerald Robinson works for Newsmax; she is astute and brave.  She’s launching out into the rigged election story…which suggests the evidence is now overwhelming the left’s capacity to suppress it.


America’s Elections Are Rigged (And Everybody Knows It)

The Arizona audit is just the latest example of how rotten our election system has become in recent years.

By Emerald Robinson

If you want to unravel the mysterious results of the 2020 election, you must begin by asking a simple question: why were 78 million American votes from 800 counties in 7 states sent overseas to be “handled” by a bankrupt Spanish company in Barcelona?

This was the question I found myself asking after Election Day in 2020. Someone had told me to check out a foreign company specializing in election technology called SCYTL. According to its website, the Department of Defense was one of their main customers. SCYTL’s website also bragged that it played a big part in our 2020 elections. Why would the DoD subcontract a Spanish company located in Barcelona to handle 78 million votes from 800 counties? For that matter, why was the Department of Defense involved in American elections at all?

Who was running our elections? I thought we were running our elections. Didn’t you? It took about three minutes on the Internet to figure out that SCYTL had gone bankrupt right before the 2020 election. It took another three minutes to learn that SCYTL set up a voting system in Switzerland that was abandoned after Swiss authorities launched a public code review in 2019 where researchers discovered errors in the source-code that would allow the system’s operator to alter votes undetected. Does that sound familiar?

This was the first of many rabbit holes where a reporter could get lost for days. What was Scytl? Who owned it? Who operated it? The corporate media had no interest in these questions, and it wanted to obscure any answers. None of them wanted to do any investigation into why a bankrupt Spanish company was involved in our elections — but even the New York Times had to admit:

Scytl, which was started in Spain in 2001, does make software for local election officials, including some in the United States. In the 2020 election, it says, it provided four types of products to local authorities. One is a system that allows election officials to display results from their elections in a user-friendly format. Another product, “electronic ballot delivery,” helps local election officials deliver ballots to absentee voters.

Ah yes, there’s nothing suspicious about bankrupt Spanish firms being contracted by the Department of Defense to handle electronic ballots in the United States!

When we talk about our elections, we have to talk about “chain of custody.” You would never allow our precious votes to be sent overseas to be counted in foreign countries by foreign companies if you cared about security. That would be the opposite of election security. And yet it’s true: a Spanish company called SCYTL “handled” 78 million US votes because it was subcontracted to do so by the Pentagon. When did the U.S. military tell you that it was in charge of your elections? Never. That’s all the proof of fraud that you need really.

The smaller frauds inevitably lead you to the bigger fraud. Why did the corporate media ignore the Chair of the Federal Election Commission when he announced that voter fraud was taking place right before our eyes? Why were election observers barred from entering vote counting stations? Why did the vote counting stop on Election Night in the swing states when President Trump was ahead by large margins? How could that happen in the middle of the night in six different states simultaneously? Why did America’s election officials have no plausible explanation for this unprecedented event?

You know the reason. You’re just not supposed to say it. A former CIA contractor was shocked that I was shocked and told me: “We haven’t had a fair election in this country since 2012. The electronic voting machines were never really certified since then too.” Really? It doesn’t take much digging to turn up dirt on our election system. Once you begin to look at our election companies, you realize the truth immediately: they’re just shell companies. They routinely get “bought out” by private equity firms with shadowy boards after elections are held. You know: when the cards must be shuffled again. It’s a trick.

That’s right: the entire US voting system is basically a labyrinth of shell companies designed to obscure who owns those machines. They are privately-owned and mostly unregulated and totally fake. That’s why nobody should need to be convinced about election fraud. You already know there’s election fraud because the entire system is designed to disguise itself. There’s no earthly reason that election votes from 30 US states were processed (so far as I can tell) by a Canadian firm with software subcontracted from a Venezuelan firm and then handled by a Spanish firm before sending them back to the United States!

If you look at America’s election system from any angle, it looks rigged. Democrats know this and Democrat politicians have complained about it in public. (Here’s a great supercut of Democrats alerting the public that voting machines are vulnerable to hacking and should not be trusted!) Republicans know this too. The videos of voting machines “malfunctioning” are easy to find. How many electronic voting machines are illegally hooked up to the Internet? Notice that you cannot find a single government agency to give you an honest answer. What does that tell you?

Don’t we pay the American national security state at least a trillion dollars per year to handle this stuff? What are the chances that the CIA and the NSA and DHS are unaware that US election votes are being handled by foreign nationals in foreign countries? The answer to that question is: zero. Why would our vaunted intelligence agencies allow this situation to occur in the first place? Who exactly is hiding behind all these shell companies?

There’s a lot of questions that need a lot of answers before Americans can trust their election process again. Democrats don’t want Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in charge of our elections, and Republicans don’t want George Soros and Nancy Pelosi in charge either. The issue is bipartisan: we all want fair elections. Our republic is a fiction without them. Voters from both parties should come together to clean up the process because it’s plain to see: the 2020 election was the least secure election in American history.