Emerald Robinson – “Something Stinks in Georgia”

Emerald Robinson – “Something Stinks in Georgia”

This site doesn’t intend to become ‘the Emerald Robinson re-posting site’, but she’s really on a roll.  Her latest “Something Stinks in Georgia” is a major shot fired in the larger war to rid Georgia and the rest of the country of rigged elections…and to overturn the fraudulent election results they have enabled.

Brian Kemp did not receive 74% of the legal votes cast in the May 24 Georgia primary.  Not even close.  He was and still is neck deep in the whole mess of election fraud, with CCP connections representing one level of concern, while his behavior since November 3, 2020 representing a far greater concern (actually, not a ‘concern’ but a full ‘tell’).

The evidence of election fraud in Georgia was overwhelming before 2000 Mules was released; the evidence now is far beyond a reasonable doubt.  Georgia elections are rigged, top to bottom.  Period.  Full stop.  But Kemp and his sidekick Brad Raffensberger have waved it all away, obviously thinking they have the resources and enough control of law enforcement to keep the lid on all of it.

They overplayed their hand in the primary.  The Uniparty GOP was so eager to launch a narrative that “Trump has lost his influence and Georgia voters now hate him and that’s why Kemp won a landslide” that they tilted the algorithms so far in Kemp’s direction that just about anyone with a brain and an ounce of integrity knows the primary results do not even remotely square with the realities and passions of Georgia voters.  The desired Uniparty narrative won’t take hold; it is transparently false.  Read Ms. Robinson’s piece below.

And while on the subject of rigged elections, we believe the results of the Texas GOP primary race for Governor were every bit as fraudulent as those in Georgia.  We believe Uniparty incumbent Greg Abbott did not receive 68% of the legal votes cast in that primary…or anything close.

The beauty of the decades-in-development election rigging machines (from the cheater’s perspective) is that the proof of what they are doing remains in the machines and can be remotely erased after the fact/crime.  How do we know?  Read the Mesa County, Colorado Report #3.  No matter how much the MSM and Big Tech try to suppress awareness of this report, it is out there–and it has not been even remotely ‘debunked’.  And the same election-rigging technology resides in the voting machines used in Texas.

There is a reckoning coming on this topic.  The Karl Roves of the world believe they can throttle the discussion and get the majority of Americans to ‘move on’, but in our view that’s not gonna happen.  Too many Americans know the truth.

Awakened, informed Americans are a force.  And Truth is a power that political consultants cannot overcome.

We’ll see what happens.



Something Stinks In Georgia