Emerald Robinson – Wisconsin Special Counsel Says: 2020 Election Should be Decertified

Emerald Robinson – Wisconsin Special Counsel Says: 2020 Election Should be Decertified

The 2020 election fraud was massive; it was a massive crime against the American people; it is not a stretch to consider it a crime against humanity.  And the list of creators, enabler, facilitators, aiders and abettors is devastatingly long–a profound indictment of the lack of character throughout American society among people considered to be ‘leaders’.

Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman has produced a 140-page report on the results of his investigation of election irregularities in Wisconsin in the 2020 election.  He is plainly an intelligent, serious and honest man.  His report is absolutely staggering in its breadth and specificity.

Emerald Robinson is a bold and insightful journalist and commentator; her Substack post reproduced below is a good high-level summary of the implications of Gableman’s report.

From Robinson’s post:

One thing’s for sure: our corrupt government officials have been caught rigging the 2020 election to defeat President Trump with the help of the tech oligarchs and plenty of other bad actors.

The bottom lines that more and more Americans understand…and more and more need to understand:  EVERYONE who looks at just this report knows the entire 2020 election was stolen (Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are at least as corrupt as Wisconsin; they just haven’t appointed a Special Counsel like Gableman).  EVERYONE knows the voting machines are at the center of the fraud, though they are by no means the circumference of it (examine for yourselves exactly what Mark Zuckerberg did).

As a direct result of tolerating/acquiescing to this fraud, the entire world seems on the cusp of descending into violence and chaos.

There appears to be effectively no element of the American ruling class with the honesty and courage to address the fraud head on.  Most prefer denial or some form of ‘move along’ posture.

Truckers have demonstrated that the spirit of America is alive; the nationwide support of them is further evidence of that spirit.  They may nominally have been triggered to emulate the Canadian truckers, who were in turn nominally motivated by covid-related government overreach, but the real motivation for the truckers and for millions of Americans has much more to do with a sense that freedom is under an extinction-level of attack.  And a brazenly stolen election is the centerpiece of that attack.

America’s future depends not on what happens in Ukraine; it depends on what happens in America in response to now overwhelming evidence of a stolen election executed by a vast collection of people who believe it was their right to do so and who believe they have the power to make it stick.  America’s Constitution says they don’t have that right, and they do not have that power.

“We the people”, not the ruling class, are going to determine if–as Ben Franklin warned–we can keep the Republic.


March 2, 2022

Wisconsin Special Counsel Says: 2020 Election Should Be Decertified