Kerby Anderson

Host, ‘Point of View’ radio talk show

Congratulations Debbie on the new time and format for your radio show, 'Ladies, Can We Talk?' You have been a great guest and co-host on Point of View, and I am thrilled that you are getting an opportunity to expand your message and keen insight to even more listeners. I wish you the best and will continue to cheer you on as you make a difference in the world.

Rafael B. Cruz

You are a champion for conservatism. Your message in Ladies, Can We Talk? is vital for awakening millions of not only women but also men as to the virtues of limited government, the rule of law and constitutional conservatism. I was truly inspired as I translated your book and with the many conversations that we had on the subject. I consider you a great friend and congratulate you on taking your message to the airways through your new radio program. You are truly making a difference!

Mark Davis

If there’s anything I enjoy as much as good things happening to good people, it’s good radio shows getting better visibility on my radio station. I am so happy to enjoy the occasion of both events as Debbie Georgatos brings Ladies, Can We Talk? to Sundays 6-8 pm on 660AM The Answer. Actually, there’s a third benefit: a happy event for someone I personally admire a great deal. I have been around Debbie in various settings for many years, and she is always a voice of clarity and passion for conservative causes. Her book, and now her show, designed to introduce conservatism to women (who should embrace it already) is a vital calling that helps make a better community and a better America.
In fact, no one should categorize Debbie’s exploits as aimed toward women only. This is not a women’s conservative show – it’s a great conservative show that happens to be hosted by a woman. And if women and men hear its message and realize they benefit from smaller government, a strong national defense and solid moral values… well, we are all better off. So Debbie, from our conversation about radio just a few months ago, to your courageous venture into Sunday mornings, to your next chapter in a far better time slot, I just want to wish you the very best. From broadcaster to broadcaster, call on me any time I can be of service. I’ll be listening!

Dan Patrick

Texas Lt. Governor

Congratulations on the success of your radio show and you new and expanded time slot. You have been long time leader and voice for conservative values. It is important that your message is heard by as many people as possible in Texas and in America as we prepare to take back the White House in 2016. I look forward to being on with you again soon.

Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General

Congratulations! The continued success and growth of your program Ladies, Can We Talk? is directly attributed to your hard work, dedication, and willingness to have the tough conversations. As you celebrate an important milestone, I applaud you for engaging and empowering listeners to adhere to our time-honored, fundamental conservative principles. Angela and I extend our best wishes to you and the entire 660AM team in the new 6 pm to 8 pm Sunday night time slot!

Brooke Rollins

President & CEO, Texas Public Policy Forum

Please accept my most sincere congratulations on the new time and venue for your radio show! If the free press is indeed the lifeblood of our democracy, then you are doing your bit to sustain the great work of our republic — and I, along with every Texan who cares about liberty, am in your debt for it. Thank you for all you do for our state, and our country — and best wishes on burning up the airwaves for freedom!

Allen B. West

Lieutenant Colonel (retired)

Just a short note to wish a dear friend, Debbie Georgatos, a hearty Congratulations on the launch of her expanded talk show “Ladies, Can We Talk?”. Although I will not be able to attend the launch party in person I will be there soon enough — plus I am so honored to be one of Debbie’s first guests on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. Debbie, I am looking forward to being your neighbor there in Dallas later this month and in the future we will be able to chat together in studio! All the best and God bless on what will be a successful endeavor!

Milton Wolf, M.D.

Former GOP Candidate, U.S. Senate – KS

Congratulations, Debbie! America needs more thoughtful and fearless conservative champions like you. I’m proud to call you a friend and proud to see you stand so strongly for the republic.