Even Forrest Gump Could See This Election Fraud

Even Forrest Gump Could See This Election Fraud

Millions of Americans watched on Election Night as President Trump was solidly ahead in five key states (Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) where victory would assure him of re-election in the Electoral College.  Then almost simultaneously, all vote-counting was stopped in precisely those five states.  This has never happened in the history of American elections.

As and when vote counting resumed in the wee hours of the next morning, magical infusions of Biden-only ballots had wiped out Trump’s lead, and the remainder of the counting gave Biden the ‘victories’ in all five states. (North Carolina was a sixth state that stopped counting on Election Night, but Trump’s lead was apparently too much to overcome for the cheating methods prepared in that Democrat-controlled state).

This is in-your-face proof of election fraud to anyone with common sense; it has been given further explanation in this “Drop and Roll” video.  Yet our ruling class betters and their pet pundits insist on patting the masses on the head and telling them, no, Trump has to go because his lawyers have failed to ‘prove’ the fraud or that it would have made any difference in the overall outcome.

This is akin to having real-time video of your house being set on fire by five people acting in coordination using blowtorches to start the fire and cans of gasoline to accelerate the burning…and then being told by the ruling class of your neighborhood that you have no proof of arson because you haven’t yet identified each of the five people, who organized them, what were the serial numbers on the blowtorches, and where the gasoline was bought.

The proof of arson is in plain sight; it is inarguable.  The list of perpetrators who belong in jail is simply follow up law enforcement work.

The proof of election fraud is also in plain sight and is inarguable (and is supplemented by dozens of other proofs—such as decimal vote tallies, wild statistically impossible anomalies, documented mail in ballot fraud in umpteen varieties, backroom videos of suitcases of ballots ‘found’ etc., etc.–all in numbers that vastly exceed Biden’s purported margins of victory in the key states).  It’s only the list of perpetrators who belong in jail that haven’t yet been identified and arrested for their specific roles.  If America had an honest FBI and DOJ, this would be their follow up work.

We don’t need more evidence to conclude the house burned down because of arson; we don’t need more evidence to conclude Biden ‘won’ because of election fraud—which in this case means accepting the reality and reversing the fraud:  Trump won the election going away, and the only just result under the ‘rule of law’ is to make it so on January 20, 2021.

The 74M+ Americans who voted for President Trump’s re-election (12M more than voted for him in 2016) have the common sense to see the outrageous election fraud that is attempting to ‘install’ Joe Biden as the President.  Perhaps not every one of them is apoplectically livid about the theft of the election, but a very, very, very large number are, and very, very, very few are ‘shrug their shoulders’ sanguine about it.

If it hasn’t already, this fact is going to dawn on judges and justices and even ruling class elected officials very soon.  And they will wonder if they should be afraid of 74M+ peasants rising up against them.  Our guess is:  they should be.

Forrest Gump told everyone, “stupid is as stupid does”.  The American people are not stupid, and gaslighting them with bizarre repetition of the mantra that ‘there is no proof’ of election fraud is not going to fly.

When the ‘installed’ ‘president-elect’ Biden anointed by the ruling class gave his post-election Thanksgiving address, the American people noticed that about 1,000 people watched it.  They know this man did not get 80M votes for President.

The American people are not going to lay down and accept the ‘installation’ of Joe Biden as their President.  The only question is how much pain and harm are small lawyers and small judges and a corrupt mainstream media and the rest of the radical left going to inflict on this country before the just result is implemented.  If only we had a few Forrest Gumps in charge…

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?