Fact Checkers (?); the Virginia Boomerang

Fact Checkers (?); the Virginia Boomerang

Articles reviewed in preparation for the February 7th show:

When Fact Checkers Lie

State of the Union Fact Check: What Trump Got Right and Wrong

Fact Check: Trump’s State of the Union Address  (by NPR)


Democrat Politics of Destruction Boomerangs back in the state of Virginia

Mark Herring, Virginia’s Democratic Attorney General, Admits He Also Wore Blackface in College

Stanford Fellow Details Sexual Assault Allegation Against VA Lt. Governor


First Step to NoGoZones? Muslim Community Patrol Cars that look like Police Cars

‘This looks like Sharia Police’ – Muslim Community Patrol in Brooklyn Driving Cars That Look Identical to NYPD Cruisers


University Professor exposes Left Wing Lunacy

Portland State University Professor to face discipline for exposing shoddy scholarship

What an Audacious Hoax Reveals About Academia