False Flag Alert

False Flag Alert

As Sundance at Conservative Treehouse points out, there are now more troops in Washington DC to provide security for the January 20 inauguration than have been serving in Afghanistan.  Apparently 25,000 troops are in Washington DC to assure security for “the most popular Presidential candidate in American history after the most secure election in history”.

All of this is happening at the same time the Senate Homeland Security committee just released a report on the Biden family selling US policy for personal financial gain.  The heading for Section XI of the Senate report:


And yet the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the incriminating evidence it apparently contains, have been in the possession of the FBI since March or April 2020.

After four years of nonstop investigation of the Trump family, nothing that has been speculated about Trump family corruption even remotely compares with what is already publicly known (except to those who live inside the censorship bubble of Big Tech) about Hunter Biden and Burisma, and Hunter Biden and communist China.

It’s almost as if there were a plan all along to move Bernie out of the way, drag Joe across the finish line, and then expose the known Biden corruption to get rid of Joe so that the real radical leftist, Kamala Harris—who not even 2% of Democrat primary voters could get interested in—can take over as President.

Nah, that couldn’t be.  The MSM assures us the American people clearly preferred Joe Biden, and turned out in record numbers to vote for him even though not even 200 of them ever turned out for him during his campaign, and even though essentially no one watches or listens to any of the post-election speeches of the man 80 million people desperately wanted to take over as leader of the free world.

None of this makes any sense.  The whole scene in Washington DC this coming week reeks of tyrannical scheming.

Which is why it is as ripe as any situation in American history for ‘false flag’ operations designed to ignite American passions and divisions into live conflict.  It is vitally important to realize it is a very real possibility that leftists are scheming and orchestrating to turn Inauguration Day into chaos they organize, with a little violence thrown in, designed to create another blame-it-on-Trump narrative as Trump supporters are drawn in or should we say duped in, working toward a frenzy of demands for arrests, trials, convictions and prison or reeducation camps for anyone in America who refuses to hate Donald Trump.  Sort of January 6th on steroids. (Evidence keeps building that January 6th was a planned operation, and not a spontaneously ‘incited’ riot.  Some of the evidence that it was an operation doesn’t yet point to a clear agenda, right or left; but it definitely puts the lie to the notion that the riots were out-of-the-blue unthinking mob actions).

Here’s hoping that there is no violence this week; that any false flag operations are thwarted; that if there are any false flag operations that are not thwarted, that Americans do not get played into a rush to judgment.

America isn’t dead yet, but Americans have to avoid being played into civilizational suicide.  Be alert to false flags this week.