Fauci Keeps Talking…with a Spiritual Emptiness that is Turning Americans Away from Him

Fauci Keeps Talking…with a Spiritual Emptiness that is Turning Americans Away from Him

Anthony Fauci’s ubiquitous mug showed itself again this past weekend, this time to tell Americans that it is too soon for the government (him) to say whether it will allow Americans to gather for Christmas celebrations, and to urge people to recognize that sometimes you have to give up your individual rights for the collective good of society.

Both of Fauci’s pronouncements are obviously in service to his worldview; namely, that it is his job to rid the world of covid-19 and decide how to do that, and everything else is secondary because covid-19 will eradicate humanity if his recommendations—including, of course, mandatory vaccination of mankind—are not followed.

There are many levels on which to refute these pronouncements, not the least of which include:

  • The CDC’s own data[1] says there is no longer a pandemic (if there ever was one);
  • The CDC’s own data says covid-19 is not especially lethal and recovery rates are in excess of 99.9% for just about everyone except the very elderly who are suffering with co-morbidities–it is not and never was a threat to eradicate humanity;
  • The CDS’s own data shows the covid vaccines as fatal and dangerous on a level never seen before as to any vaccine recommended as safe for public use[2]; and
  • Hard data emerging from India is showing the efficacy of ivermectin on an enormous, undeniable scale which, along with HCQ and budesonide, demonstrate that the vaccines are anything but essential for mankind’s health, much less its survival. Over ten thousand doctors have signed on to say the denial of these therapies around the world constitute ‘crimes against humanity’.

But there’s another basis upon which to refute Fauci, and it has to do with the founding ideas of America and a word that is unfairly (and unwisely) denigrated in this era, and that word is:  spirituality.

The founding fathers were not bashful about what they believed was the animating rationale and justification for their radical separation from King George:  their belief in God—the “Creator”—who endowed His creation with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…and the further belief that government exists to protect those rights, and can do so legitimately ONLY with the consent of the governed.

Very plainly, the founders acknowledged a spiritual foundation for the ideas they were proclaiming—i.e., they were derived from God, sometimes referred to in the Bible as Spirit.

So…back to Fauci:  for millions of Americans, the notion that he or any public health official or any official of any kind can tell Americans whether or not they can gather for a Christmas celebration is absurd, offensive and stupid on its face.  Further, the notion that Fauci or any public health official or any official of any kind can tell Americans they need to give up their individual rights for the collective good is fundamentally unconstitutional heresy.

Which is to say, the American constitutional government has no power to act on either notion.  The constitutional way in which individual rights are to be diluted or compromised or eliminated is legislative—through the vote of the elected officials of the Republic (or constitutional amendment); it is categorically NOT the province of the executive branch of government.

Now…to the idea of spirituality.  Fauci appears to be a garden variety leftist who has long ago dismissed Christianity as silly superstition.  The ‘things of the spirit’ are utter fantasy; Fauci’s worldview is defined by matter and materialism—men and women as programmable carbon units (along with the rest of an exclusively material creation) that need smart material injections of one kind or another to prolong shelf life and useful activity.

From this de facto atheist point of view, Christmas celebrations are quaint for the ignorant, superstitious Christians but have no basis standing in the way of or otherwise impairing all-out efforts toward material injections to save and manage the carbon units.  Further, carbon units don’t have rights; they don’t have consciences.  They are material objects with manipulable source codes, so of course no one carbon unit can stand in the way of what Fauci has determined to be best for all carbon units.

This is why Fauci is bumping up against the irresistible force and immoveable object that is the spirit of the American patriot.  The real American “DNA” involves love of God and country.  And no matter how many millions of nuanced definitions American patriots might assign to the idea of spirituality—i.e., how exactly they view the Bible, understand the life and teachings of Jesus, articulate what eternal life, heaven and hell mean to them—the overarching theme is that they find in spirituality ultimate truth.  And ultimate truth is not be trifled with, certainly not by some bureaucrat named Fauci.

For those who have no concept of spirituality, or have rejected it entirely as silliness, Anthony Fauci will continue to be an authority figure, an ‘expert’ who can guide them into a survivable if not particularly fulfilling life.  His ubiquitous mug on TV is not an annoyance or turn-off but a comfort.  His non-science-based pronouncements that are utterly undercut by the CDC’s own data and other hard data will be shrugged off.    His likely ban of Christmas gatherings in 2021 will seem wise and well-intentioned, and the idea of individual sacrifice of freedom and rights for the collective good, will ring true to fellow atheists as responsible and logical rhetoric.

But Fauci and his agenda are not going to prevail.  He was not elected by the American people.  His pronouncements are not backed by the consent of the governed.  There is no ultimate truth in him; there is just a godless worldview.  And American patriots—from the founders through to today—know where ultimate truth is found, and their worldview is shaped accordingly.  They are not going to be stampeded away from their heritage, or from truth itself.  They are through listening to Fauci.


[2] In 1976, the USA suspended their national Swine Flu immunization after the deaths of 32 people following the vaccine.  Were the US health officials who pulled that vaccine being labelled ‘’anti-vaxers”?  But in 2021, the US VAERS system has recorded over 15,000 deaths following injections.  Why exactly does Fauci never address this?