February 21, 2016

February 21, 2016

First Fifteen


Debbie steps away from the immediate back-and-forth of the presidential campaigns to catalog the scope of the mess the next President is going to inherit.  The national debt, the economy, the borders, education—across the board, Americans are living in precarious times.  The choice for President deserves deep attention.


Texas House candidate Dan Morenoff calls in to talk about his views of what makes Texas special, and what he intends to do to keep it that way.


US Congressional candidate Russ Ramsland is in studio to discuss his reasons for taking on 20 year incumbent Pete Sessions.


Don’t forget Erick Erickson’s new book, “You Will be Made to Care”.  Christians need to pay attention to what is happening in this country.


In the second hour…


Leading ladies Cari Kelemen and Lorie Medina join Debbie for the second hour roundtable (after joining in the interviews with Dan Morenoff and Russ Ramsland).


Heritage Foundation expert David Inserra calls in to give listeners insight into the ongoing legal dispute between Apple and the US Department of Justice regarding the need for law enforcement to retrieve information from one of the San Bernardino terrorist’s cellphones.  A classic tradeoff of national security and civil liberties/privacy.


The leading ladies take up the Nevada Democrat Party caucus results, and the South Carolina Republican primary results.  Trump, Rubio and Cruz generate some interesting perspectives and commentary.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the February 21st show:

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