Glenn Greenwald – On Fauci and the “Lab Leak”

Glenn Greenwald – On Fauci and the “Lab Leak”

Glenn Greenwald is a left-leaning lawyer and journalist (former contributing writer for Salon) known for fair-minded observations and an objective and inquisitive mind.  From his twitter feed:

One of the most bizarre and still-unexplained episodes in the COVID pandemic was the group of scientists who told Fauci in late January they concluded COVID came from a lab. Within days, they publicly recanted, then received millions in grants from NIAID, controlled by Fauci.

The full post which generated the tweet is found here.

Greenwald is right to take note; serious Americans should also take note.  Anthony Fauci is NOT ‘science’.  He’s a bureaucrat with a title; he’s a man with a grandiose view of his ability and right to pass judgment on what shall be mandated upon humanity for the sake of his view of public health; and he has thrown around ‘other people’s money’ (i.e, taxpayers’ money) to implement his will.

History will not be kind to Dr. Fauci.