HR 1 – Alfie and Socialized Medicine

HR 1 – Alfie and Socialized Medicine

HR 1 – Alfie and Socialized Medicine; Interview with Caleb and Joshua Waller of HaYovel…Great Human Interest Story of US/Israel Relations


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In studio interview

Caleb Waller, PR Director of HaYovel, a US-Israel grassroots cooperation effort

Caleb Waller is HaYovel’s Director of Public Relations. As a tour host and key spokesperson for the organization, he has helped to recruit thousands of people from around the world to come to Israel and has educated many more on the importance of standing in support of Israel – the people and the land. He is known among his family and peers as an unstoppable visionary. Caleb is a dedicated husband to his wife Kendra, and a loving father to his growing family of four beautiful girls.



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