HR 1 – California Fires; Jim Acosta Lawsuit Update

HR 1 – California Fires; Jim Acosta Lawsuit Update

HR 1 – California Fires; Jim Acosta Lawsuit Update; Relentless Left v. the Mid-Term Results; Georgia Non-Concession Speech and the Need to Stop Voter Fraud; More Contested Elections = More Distrust; Ocasio-Cortez Just Keeps on Giving; Asia Bibi is a Name You Should Know

Listen to the first hour of our November 18th show here.

Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the November 18th show:

Judge Orders White House to Reinstate Acosta’s Press Credentials

Gillum Concedes Florida Governor’s Race to GOP’s DeSantis

Bill Nelson concedes Florida Senate Race to Rick Scott after manual recount

Stacey Abrams ends bid for Georgia governor and pledges to fight ‘gross mismanagement’ of election

 Rep Mia Love pulls ahead of Democrat Ben McAdams as judge dismisses her lawsuit

Funny Business in GOP Congressional Winner Young Kim’s Sudden Loss in the Recount?

 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blesses New Push to Oust Incumbent Democrats in Primaries

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already pressuring Nancy Pelosi on Climate Change

Asia Bibi: Anti-blasphemy protests spread across Pakistan

 State of Maryland asks judge to declare Rosenstein acting attorney general

 Inside the Flat Earth Conference, where the world’s oldest conspiracy theory is hot again

Bob Corker Cracks Open Door to 2020 Challenge of President Trump       

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