HR 1 – Helsinki Hysteria

HR 1 – Helsinki Hysteria

HR 1 – Helsinki Hysteria Explains (Again) Why Trump Won; Window on 2018 Mid-Terms: Star Parker vs. Maxine Waters, and Whoopi Goldberg; #WalkAway Update

Listen to the first hour of our July 22nd show here.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the July 22nd show:

At Helsinki, Trump undermined our Power-Abusing Intelligence Agencies, Not America

Everyone is smart except Trump

Diplomacy 101 Versus Politics Writ Small


The Democratic Party Apologizes To Black Voters



Great new WalkAway video

Dems’ Main Obstacle to retaking House? Figuring out what they stand for         


Cruise: SFSanc/SorosKavanaugh/Gallup/ObamaHouseHypocrisy/DemsCheatIllVoter

POLL: Americans Don’t Give a Hoot about So-called Russia Collusion

Immigration surges to top of most important problem list: GALLUP

SOROS-linked Group will spend millions to stop Kavanaugh

Obama attacks wealthy in South Africa (for big houses) before returning to his $8 million mansion


FISA Warrant Application release

DOJ releases 412 pages of top-secret FISA documents on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page

First Thoughts on the Carter Page FISA Application


Sidney Powell  – FISA etc 

Trump has been Set Up, Framed and Relentlessly Persecuted by the American Intelligence Community 

Michael Cohen secretly taped Donald Trump discussing payment to Playboy model

Mueller and the Manhattan Madam