HR 1 – Honoring Memorial Day – Fighting ‘isms’

HR 1 – Honoring Memorial Day – Fighting ‘isms’

HR 1 – Honoring Memorial Day – Fighting ‘isms’; the Tommy Robinson/UK Story Everyone Should Know; GOP Backbone and DACA?; Socialism in Seattle


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Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the May 27th show:

Memorial Day

How You can Honor the Fallen this Memorial Day


Tommy Robinson

Tommy  Robinson Arrested for Live Reporting Grooming Gang Trial  The Bolshevik Revolution Reveals Six Phases from Freedom to Communist Misery


DACA & Discharge Petition

Amnesty First Breaks Faith with the American People


Seattle Taxes & CA Free healthcare- Intro Policy Circles

California wants to become the First State to Offer Free health care to Illegal Immigrants

Stossel: Seattle’s Amazon Tax


Cruise – Trump/Twitter, Starbucks, TSA $1M, Rescission Countdown, NFL

Judge rules Trump can’t block users on Twitter

Roger Goodell’s Statement on national anthem policy

TSA Must pay $1 million dollars to Whistleblowers it retaliated against


NoKo & Nicaragua

How to Talk to Dictators


Rainbow Jihad  AND Hogg & NRA

Where is the “Social conservative’ pushback against the Rainbow Jihad and judicial immorality  

The Old School


Krugman & Collapse of Freedom in America & Foster Kids

The Collapse of Freedom

Kids Caught in the Backlash Against Christianity