HR 1 – Jim Jordan is Right for Speaker

HR 1 – Jim Jordan is Right for Speaker

HR 1 – Jim Jordan is Right for Speaker, Right Now; Devin Nunes ‘Must Read’ Interview with Kim Strassel of the WSJ; GDP Growth is Not Just Economics, It’s Personal; and Politics are Not About Personalities–They are About Ideas; Facebook and Twitter Fiascos Could be Positive


Listen to the first hour of our July 29th show click here.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the July 29th show:

Jim Jordan says he’s running for House Speaker: Read the letter he sent colleagues


Devin Nunes, Washington’s Public Enemy No. 1


Grand Domestic Product – 2Q GDP Growth Hits 4.1%

Trump is Getting Desired Results from Tariffs


Facebook’s Face-Plant

Mark Zuckerberg Lost $15.1 Billion in 5 Minutes This Morning



Soros just quadrupled lobbying expenditures

Blue States Drowning in Irretrievable Debt thanks  to ‘grotesque’  public sector pensions. You’re about to get stuck with the bill


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