HR 1 – Kavanaugh and the Future of America

HR 1 – Kavanaugh and the Future of America

HR 1 – The Kavanaugh “Intergalactic Freak Show” and What’s Next; GOP MUST Wake Up; Flake Was Set Up; American Women MUST Stand Up; Soros’ Fingerprints All Over the Flake Stunt and Dem Strategy; Interview with Texas State Senator Konni Burton

Listen to the first hour of the September 30th show here.  Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the September 30th show below.

Guest interview – Kelli Burton, Texas State Senator

Konni Burton is first and foremost a wife, a mom, and a life-long Christian.

Before becoming heavily involved in Texas politics, Konni simply did her civic duty – voting in elections and working within her church and the community to make Texas a better place to live. But the last decade of out-of-control spending by Democrats and Republicans alike motivated Konni to take action.

Konni began to get involved in local grassroots groups and campaigns, walking blocks, organizing events, and donating money to advance candidates that espoused her shared belief in fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, and smart, limited government. Konni served as one of Ted Cruz’s top organizers in DFW during his historic 2012 campaign for U.S. Senate. Eventually, Konni’s involvement led her to the State Capitol in Austin where she began to interact directly with state leaders and legislators on a number of important issues.

Konni began to reevaluate her role in politics, which led her to consider and ultimately run for the Texas Senate in 2014. Konni secured the Republican nomination amidst a crowded field and was successful in winning back SD 10 from the Democrats the following November. While Texas families are under constant pressure from big government at all levels, the state of Texas must refuse to follow the same path, and as State Senator, Konni is committed to doing her part.

Konni and her family reside in Colleyville.

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