HR 1 – Mid-Terms On Deck!

HR 1 – Mid-Terms On Deck!

HR 1 – Mid-Terms Coming Up, and They Are Not Settled; Maxine’s Agenda v. America’s Agenda; Elections Must Be About Ideas, Not Personalities; Poll Numbers Shifting; Trump Has Restored Love for America; the Kavanaugh Accusation Stunts Backfired; Thoughts About Blacks, Jews and Women in this Election Season; Candace Owens and Blexit; Anti-Semitism in NYC

Listen to the first hour of the November 4th show here.

Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the November 4th show:


Here it is: Complete List of President Trump’s Accomplishments in the Two Years Since his Historic 2016 election win 

Trump challenges Dems after Kavanaugh accuser allegedly admits to making false rape claim 

Republicans, Yet Again, Do Right by Black Americans

Caught on Video: Gillum Staffer makes racist statements and admits campaign is lying to voters 

The New York Times Just Made A STUNNING Admission About Why Leftists Often Refuse To Call Out Anti-Semitism

Is It Safe to Be Jewish in New York?

Former Obama Campaign Worker Arrested for Neo-Nazi Graffiti, Writing Kill All Jews on Brooklyn Synagogue

Pittsburgh Hospital staff thanking and praising President Trump

Investigation Underway into alleged failed hack of voter registry by Democratic Party of GA 

Tickets to Bill and Hillary’s Tour will cost you a fortune                                                           

Blexit: Escaping the Progressive Socialist Plantation 

Trump to curtail asylum at border, build tent cities to hold migrants 

Tucker Carlson plainly schools convicted felon Pied Piper who is bankrolling lawsuit for migrant caravan 

Is it legal for Trump to use the Army at the Border? 

Human Rights Foreign Policy after Murder