HR 1 – Millennial Bikeriders Tragedy

HR 1 – Millennial Bikeriders Tragedy

HR 1 – Millennial Bikeriders Tragedy – The Dangerous Delusion of Moral Equivalence; Aretha!; CNN Behaves Unconscionably – Tries to Intimidate the Manafort Jury; Newspapers’ Collusion Against Trump Validates Trump’s Perspective; Social Media Censorship is Out of Control; Candace Owens Sparkles; Robert Spencer Censored by MasterCard?!


Listen to the first hour of our August 19th show here.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the August 19th show:

Couple Bikes into ISIS territory to prove “Evil Is A Make-Believe Concept” – Gets Killed by Jihadis

Georgetown Students killed by ISIS

US Cyclists killed in ISIS-claimed attack in Tajikistan identified


The Left’s Enforcers: CNN sues to reveal names and addresses of Manafort Jurors

Journalists are not the enemy

300 papers anti-Trump editorial


Prager U Shadow banned on FB

MasterCard Forces funding platform to drop anti-jihad activist Robert Spencer

How the Left is Outsourcing Censorship of the Internet


Trump’s Full Statement on Pulling Brennan’s Security Clearance

ISIS  Fighter Omar Ameen Easily Achieved Refugee Entry into the U.S.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: America Was Never That Great

Ellison on the Brink


The Never-Ending War on Capitalism

Socialism may be Implemented even when rejected

Child-Catchers: A Feature, not a bug, in socialist Norway


A dozen Christian Villages  in Nigeria Wiped Out in Four-day killing spree