HR 1 – Praise for Jeff Sessions: An Anti-Trump Leaker Indicted!

HR 1 – Praise for Jeff Sessions: An Anti-Trump Leaker Indicted!

HR 1 – Praise for Jeff Sessions: An Anti-Trump Leaker Indicted!; G-7 and Tariffs – “Boss” Trump Knows What He’s Doing; Tommy Robinson Update; Austria Stands Up! …and Italy!; Interview with Congressman Dave Brat (CD 7 – VA);


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Guest interview – Dave Brat, Congressman, Virginia District 7

Dave Brat believes that the United States was founded on three pillars which together made this nation the greatest on the face of the earth: the Judeo-Christian tradition, the rule of law and the free market system. He is honored and humbled to fight for these values and serve the people of Central Virginia’s 7th Congressional District which stretches from Culpeper in the north to Nottoway County in the south.

Congressman Brat has a B.A. in Business Administration from Hope College, an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the American University in DC.

Early in his career, he worked in the private sector for the accounting firm Arthur Andersen in Detroit and Chicago and then at the World Bank assisting developing world economies. Over twenty years ago he accepted a job at Randolph Macon College teaching economics and his family made Virginia home. He later became chairman of the economics and business department and also chaired the ethics minor program at the college.

He served two Virginia governors on their Economic Advisory Boards, as an Advisor to State Senator Walter Stosch, and also served as President of the Virginia Association of Economists.

The Brat family resides in Henrico County. He and his wife, Laura, have two children, Jonathan and Sophia who attend public schools in Virginia.

Congressman Brat is a member of the House Budget Committee, Education and the Workforce Committee, and the Small Business Committee. He is the Chairman of the Small Business Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax, and Capital Access.


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