HR 1 – Revolutionary Patriots Then and NOW

HR 1 – Revolutionary Patriots Then and NOW

HR 1 – Revolutionary Patriots Then and NOW; Those Who Love Freedom Are Winning; The #WalkAway Movement; Ocasio-Cortez is the Face of the New Dems?; Jim Jordan is an American Hero


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Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the July 8th show:

America is Over, But I Won’t See it Go Without An Epic Fight

The Left Celebrates July 4 by Denouncing the First Amendment

The Democrats Freak Out Over Jobs


#WalkAway Movement Gains Steam as  Free-Thinkers Reject the Left


A Dem grown-up warns the crazies that “Abolish Ice’ is a really bad idea

Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist fanaticism come from bitter failure in business?

Voters Overwhelmingly Prefer Free Markets to Socialism


What the Left Doesn’t Want you to know about Jim Jordan’s accusers

The Left’s personal destruction machine turns its focus on Jim Jordan


Dallas officers, Thai cave rescue, MAGA hat at Whataburger, GOP Nazi candidate, Millionaires Flee CA, Trump & NATO  

The Myth of Obama’s ‘Disappearance

GOP senators challenge funding for global warming education programIllinois Governor Refuses to Tell Voters to Back a Democrat Over a Literal Nazi


Why Blacks are Leaving the Democratic Party


Rep. Maxine Waters Owed an Apology from top Dems for not protecting her against ‘unwarranted’ Trump verbal attacks, nearly 200 black female leaders say

It’s a Terrible Vote: Red-State Democrats Face an Agonizing Supreme Court Choice

Times Editorial Board: Let’s Have a Gang War