HR 1 – Strzok is a Menace

HR 1 – Strzok is a Menace

HR 1 – Strzok is a Menace; the FBI and DoJ are Obstructing and Perverting Justice; Closure and Accountability Must Be Achieved; Rosenstein Up First; Brett Kavanaugh is Driving Hillary and the Rest of the Left Out of their Mind, Rosenstein’s Vetting Plans are Over the Top; #WalkAway Keeps Growing


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Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the July 15th show:

Strzok by a Farce

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CNN reports: Black Men are succeeding in America




California Dems humiliate incumbent Dianne Feinstein by endorsing her radical opponent in general election

Democratic Socialism in one poster

House Dems outraged as Ryan and McCarthy call their bluff on Abolish ICE


Trump’s Brexit Blast

Free Speech is Dead – Police in Khan’s London ban Pro-Trump Rally at US Embassy

Trump: Britain Losing Its Culture Because of Mass Immigration

Mattis: NBC News Report on Pentagon Doing Damage Control After NATO “FICTION’


Israeli’s Stop Hamas Terror Plot

Hamas Terror plot proves Israel must control Judea, Samaria

Netanyahu Targets Hamas Militants as Israeli-Gaza Clashes Flare

The Road to Gaza runs through Tehran 

Iran is unsteady on the inside- the US should squeeze from the outside

As Iranian people rise up for liberty, America must stand with them