HR 1 – The IG Report is a BIG Deal

HR 1 – The IG Report is a BIG Deal

HR 1 – The IG Report is a BIG Deal; America Must Fix the DOJ and FBI; Mueller and Manafort – Out of Control; ; The DACA Scam Betrays Trump’s Voters


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Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the June 17th show:

IG Report

Powell: IG Report Reveals Need for Criminal Obstruction of Justice Investigation of FBI and DOJ

11 Quick Things to Know about the Inspector General’s Report


DACA Amnesty- Surrender of the Century

Lou Dobbs: If Paul Ryan ‘Deceives” Trump into DACA Amnesty, GOP will Lose House Majority


Manafort Jail and HRC Wins Awards

Dershowitz blasts Manafort lockup as dangerous, ‘obnoxious to our Constitution”: “He’s as innocent as you and I’


Father’s Day, CA to 3 states, US out of UN  Human Rights Commission, Israel & Kite Attacks, Chick Fil A and PC’ness, Foster Catholic case

The U.N. Human Rights Council Whitewashes Brutality

U.S. Withdrawal from Misnamed UN Human Rights Commission ‘Imminent’


Asylum & Immigration/separating Moms & Kids, Domestic Abuse, Nazi-ism?

Statement by HHS Deputy Secretary on unaccompanied Alien Children program

Retired General Gets Smacked Hard for Using Holocaust to Score Political Points

Mother & Child Seeking Asylum Separated in the Name of Deterring Immigration


Italy barring boats and Merkel in Peril

Italy Bars Two More refugee ships from its ports

Migration fight shakes German govt as Merkel, ally, face off


Discrimination vs Asians = Politically correct Harvard & NYC public schools

New York City Schools Give the Shaft to Children of Legal Immigrants

Lawsuit: Harvard Ranks Asian-Americans Lower on Personality Traits