HR 1 – The Spygate Trail, Explained (!)

HR 1 – The Spygate Trail, Explained (!)

HR 1 – Bush 41’s ‘Thousand Points of Light’…was Right; Cohen’s Plea a Big Deal?; the SpygateTrail:  Dan Bongino’s Summary is Spot On; Mueller is Not a Paragon of Virtue; the Corsi Trap; the Raid on a Whistleblower; Trump Foreshadowing Big News Next Week?; the Clinton Tour Bombs in Toronto

Listen to the first hour of our December 2nd show here.

Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the December 2nd show:

Another Nothing-burger? Catherine Herridge breaks down Michael Cohen’s guilty plea ‘bombshell”

No End in Sight: Cohen, Manafort Developments Seen as Keeping Mueller Probe Going Into 2019 

Report: Mueller Zeroes in on Jerome Corsi for Forwarding Email on Assange                                                                                            

Exclusive: FBI Raids Home of Whistleblower on Clinton Foundation, Lawyer Says 

Curtains for the Clintons – Maureen Dowd 

Judge Dismisses female genital mutilation charges in historic case 

Paris protests: Hundreds arrested in third week of demonstrations 

Professor Thinks Banning These Words Would Fix Free Speech on College Campuses 

Brenda Snipes reneges on resignation, will stay as Broward Supervisor of Elections 

US, China reach tariff ceasefire after Trump-Xi meeting 

Federal Employees Ordered Not to Discuss the ‘Resistance’ on Work Time                                                   

Hans von Spakovsky: Acting AG Matt Whitaker has no conflict of interest and no reason to recuse himself 

What Matthew Whitaker must do to protect the Justice Department: Alberto Gonzales 

The stomach-turning ‘ballot-harvesting’ that enabled Democrats to walk off with California 

Half of Young Americans Say US is ‘Racist’ and ’Sexist,’ Survey Finds 

Glenn K. Beaton: Group victims to group guilt- the Left’s Identity Politics 

“Walking Away” from the Animus of Identity Politics