HR 2 – Israel and the Fake Instagram Photo

HR 2 – Israel and the Fake Instagram Photo

HR 2 – Cruise Items; Israel and the Fake Instagram Photo: Women – Don’t Be Fooled!; Interview with Millennial Blogger/Columnist Caroline Lewis; Paid Family Leave via SocSec Advances – A Nice-Sounding Idea that is Not the Business of Government – Another Nanny State Concept from a Bankrupt Government

Listen to the second hour of our August 12th show here.


Guest interview – Caroline Lewis, Millennial Contributor, The Patriot Post

Caroline C. Lewis is a writer and advocate for human dignity, religious liberty and free-market solutions to global economic problems.   She is a contributing writer with the Patriot Post and Values4Europe.  Caroline graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors in History from Southern Methodist University, Dallas. She previously served as Director of Communications for a public interest law firm based in Washington, D.C. and has owned a communications consulting firm since 2009.

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