HR 2 – Cruise through the News

HR 2 – Cruise through the News

HR 2 – Cruise: JAX Video Game Killing Insanity; Georgia’s New Global Pledge of Allegiance?; Bikini Khan Balloon in London; Trump Cuts Aid to Palestinian Authority – About Time!; South Africa Deserves Attention; America, per an AEI Study, Demonstrates the Better Way; Trump vs. Sessions; Americans Must Recognize What’s Going on in DC vs. Trump

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Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the August 26th show:

Who Will Succeed John McCain 

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein Pens Wildly Misleading Tweet About SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh

Schumer Makes His Move

Bill Clinton Got His Supreme Court Pick While Under Investigation


David Horowitz: Visa, Mastercard cut off payments to my think tank based on SPLC Hate Group Label 

Chinese Communist Party Funds Washington Think Tanks



Palestinian fury as Trump admin cuts $200 million in aid

British Protesters Plan to Protest London Mayor Sadiq Khan with a Blimp of their own

Parents Fight back after school drops Pledge of Allegiance for student-authored oath to ‘global society”

Who’s Cutting CO2 Emissions the Most?

DNC Passes historic reforms stripping superdelegates of power                                                          

Trump’s Sessions Strategy

Trump is not only right to criticize Jeff Sessions, It’s His Constitutional Duty

Left Declares Trump’s Concern about South African farm expropriations ‘racist dog whistle’


Peter Strzok Personally Hand-Picked the 3,000 Emails to be examined from Weiner Laptop

Dershowitz: Candidate Entitled to Pay Hush Money, Committed no Election Crime

NY State Authorities probe Trump Organization Payments to Michael Cohen