HR 2 – Cruise through the News

HR 2 – Cruise through the News

HR 2 – Cruise through the News: Israel; Dallas Confederate Statues; Starbucks, Gunned Down Sheriffs, and the Media; Interview with James Capra, former Chief of Global Operations of the DEA


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Guest interview – James Capra, former Chief of Global Operations of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

James L. Capra is currently the CEO and Founder of The Front Line Leadership Group, a leadership training and development firm located in Argyle, Texas.  Capra has successfully managed and led thousands of multi-generational employees during his government tenure having served in numerous leadership positions.  He now shares his successful strategies on how to effectively develop outstanding organizational leaders across generational boundaries in the global business arena.

Prior to his retirement from DEA, Jimmy served as the Chief of Global Operations responsible for 227 domestic offices and 86 foreign offices in 67 countries. Mr. Capra is a highly sought-after speaker, who passionately shares his proven and battle tested strategies on how to successfully develop leaders in a multi-generational workforce while pursuing organizational and personal excellence.

Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the April 22nd show:

Members of Congress sent referral to DOJ 

The GOP Strikes Back: DOJ Referral for Investigation of Comey, McCabe, Clinton and Others

The text of the letter of referral


Comey Memos

10 Notes on the Comey Memos

Memos Don’t Prove Obstruction; They Further cement Comey’s legacy as a leaker


Media Mafia

MPR Board member donated to group that placed anti-Islam ads

Former Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson resigns from Boards of General Mills, MPR after political donation


Paris traffic stop & Iranian protest 

France: Arrest of woman wearing niqab triggers five nights of rioting and millions in damages


CRUISE Through the News: 

Israel 70th anniversary and change to stop calling Palestinian “occupied”

Two Starbucks patrons vs Two police officers killed

New AP U.S. History Textbook implies Christians are Bigot, Reagan a Racist

Dallas City Council Resolution calls for Demolition of Confederate War Memorial

Finland Pulls the Plug on  guaranteed basic income experiment


James Capra – Marijuana Legalization

Colorado governor says there’s no problem with legal marijuana. He’s completely wrong.


Tom Steyer’s multimillion-dollar mission to impeach Trump falls flat

4.18  Impeach President Trump? Not So Fast, Voters Say