HR 2 – Cruise thru the News

HR 2 – Cruise thru the News

HR 2 – Cruise thru the News; Feminity and Masculinity are Good Things; South African Regression; Farrakhan?

Listen to the second hour of our March 11 show here.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the March 11 show:

Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan  

Lawsuit reveals how Democrats are getting non-citizens to vote – and it’s worse than we thought 

Kris Kobach says Kansas Voter Registration Law blocked up to 18,000 noncitizen votes  

Don’t Meet with Kim 

Crown Prince Visits UK  

Trump pardons Navy Sailor imprisoned for taking photos 

Trump Pardons, congratulates Navy Sailor who took illegal submarine photos 

 The Growing Attack on Boys

 Our Society needs MORE masculinity, not less

 Slouching Towards Anti-Semitism

 Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan Delivers anti-Semitic speech

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