HR 2 – Happy Mother’s Day

HR 2 – Happy Mother’s Day

HR 2 – Happy Mother’s Day; Sarah Sanders is a Gem; Candace Owens–New Media Superstar with a Conservative Worldview (and she happens to be black); Tenderly Dismantling the Racism Narrative; Mr. #MeToo Eric Schneiderman


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Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the May 13th show:

FBI Source = Obama/Brennan Plant

About that FBI Source – WSJ Strassel Column

Did the FBI have a Spy in the Trump Campaign? 


Embassy in Jerusalem – Israel & Peace thru strength

Netanyahu’s Finest Hour


NK & Iran Deal

Angry Iran Threatens to Expose Which Western Officials Took Bribes to make nuke deal happen


CRUISE thru the news 


Soros Funding App that helps migrants  evade immigration/law enforcement Putin is an Evil Man – John McCain

Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse


Candace Owens – encouraging black Americans to think for themselves and to question liberal orthodoxy

Candace Owens speech at Center of the American Experiment


National Popular Vote Interstate Compact 

The Left’s End-run Around the Constitution