HR 2 – Iranian Deal vs. Israel

HR 2 – Iranian Deal vs. Israel

HR 2 – Iranian Deal vs. Israel: Experts Disagree; Employment Rate News; Mid-Terms’ Outlook is Turning Red; Mueller/Leftist Update – Will the GOP Stand Up?; Louis Gohmert Stands Up, Again; the Manafort Judge Stands Up; American Hero Michael Caputo; the Children’s Book “George”


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Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the May 6th show:


LEFTISM war on America in front of our eyes

We are losing our country, and conservatives are letting it happen

The Left is Merciless at Keeping Conservatives in the Closet


The Caravan at the Border

Border Caravan? Call it the George Soros Express

How Trump can protect the border without Congress


Peter Brookes – Iran Nuclear program

Bibi’s Presentation shows why it’s time to change course on Iran

The Short and Ugly History of the Disastrous Iran Deal


Amil Imani

Watching Netanyahu in Tehran


CRUISE through the news   

Unemployment falls to lowest level since December of 2000 

And Now for our Latest Blue Wave Report

Texas Wins Dogged Fight for Voter ID

Anti-trump mural school in Chula Vista caters to illegals, sports and abysmal academic record



40 Questions Special Counsel Mueller must answer

Federal Judge accuses Mueller’s team of ‘lying,’ trying to target Trump: “C’mon man!’

Why all the Secrecy?  

Michael Caputo says Mueller team knows more about the Trump campaign than anyone who worked there 

“God Damn you to hell’ Michael Caputo tells Senate intel panel


Schools & education

Battle Over Books (George)