HR 2 – The Millennial Roundtable

HR 2 – The Millennial Roundtable

HR 2 – Questions and Quotes and Trends on College Campuses, with the Millennial Roundtable

Listen to the second hour of our March 25th show here.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the March 25th show:


Trump signs Spending Bill after Threatening Veto


McCabe PLUS the Gun March

Special Report: The Real Andrew McCabe: As Robyn Gritz Found Out, he’s not a gentleman

The Politicization of the FBI

Mass Hysteria and anti-gun marches


Stacy Hock – School Choice

Matthews: Correcting misguided education spending claims

In School Choice Fight, A Fresh Face Emerges



SMU Louder with Crowder…        

White House Forum Discusses Free Speech on Campus


Free speech on college campuses – two gender cases

College Student Kicked out of Class for telling teacher there are only two genders

Student banned from Christian Theology Course Allowed Back in Class


What to do about it – Qs from Georgia bill… 

To Restore Free Speech, Discipline is Necessary