HR 2 – SCOTUS and the Refugee Ban

HR 2 – SCOTUS and the Refugee Ban

HR 2 – SCOTUS and the Refugee Ban; UT and Masculinity as Mental Health Issue?; WHCA Dinner a Bust; Interview with Texas GOP Primary Run-off Candidate Bunni Pounds (for CD-5); Candace Owens Shines, Along with Kanye West; The Deep State Coup Must End; Political Earthquake in California?


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In Studio Interview

Bunni Pounds, GOP Primary Run-off Candidate for Texas Congressional District 5

Bunni Pounds is running a grassroots campaign for Texas Congressional District 5, recently vacated by Jeb Hensarling’s retirement.  Bunni’s campaign is focused on faith, freedom, and fiscal responsibility. She has a decades-long record of service to the conservative movement which started with her position as a Garland precinct chair. By background she is a small business owner and conservative Republican known as a woman of integrity strongly anchored in her Christian faith, deeply devoted to her family, and firmly committed to the founding principles of our nation.

In announcing her candidacy Pounds said, “We must elect someone who will not waver on the fight to protect the unborn, defend traditional marriage for future generations, and protect our families from government encroachment that is clamping down on our rights to worship, petition, assemble, and bear arms. We must elect someone who understands the effects of Obamacare, high taxes, and government overreach upon our families, small businesses, and communities. We must elect someone who stands up to protect our families by fortifying our borders, strengthening our military, and ensuring that we remain safe and free.”

Congressman Jeb Hensarling said of Bunni, “I know her well, and I know she is committed to the conservative cause like few others. Her integrity is unmatched, and I trust her with not only my liberty, but the liberty of our nation as a whole.”


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